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First day with iMac 24″ – Best computer Apple sells today in terms of bang for buck?

I need a monitor, and I’m waiting for the Studio Display to be released to pair with the MacBook Air. Then, the Studio Display was released for $1,599, so the reviews were OK, so I stopped. Then, the M2 MacBook Air was released to good reviews, but with a price increase and a less pure performance increase than the M1. MacBook Air upgrades are real camera, screen, new design, speakers, ability to choose 24G RAM, MagSafe, etc – M2 seems to be the bottom of the list.

I’m reconsidering buying an M1 iMac as a home computer. Pros
– Good size (24″ is not too big for my home office needs)
– Can add a second screen if needed
– The M1 processor is more than what most Intel desktops offer – in fact the M1 should be fine for years for most tasks
– Good, lightweight design that can be easily moved around the house
– Keyboard and trackpad included (A keypad keyboard and a Magic Trackpad cost $300 to purchase from Apple)
– My model costs $1,659 after factoring in an old MacBook Pro trade in – $59 more than a Studio Display, which does not include a computer, camera or keyboard

So I have the machine now, and it’s great – amazing screen and webcam, and it looks great and doesn’t get in the way of the house. If I need more screen real estate, I can put an iPad Pro next to it.

Seeing as how Apple has raised the prices for all of its post-M1 computers (including the MacBook Pro, Mac Studio, M2 MacBook Air), doesn’t the M1 MacBook Air look even better? better value? And who knows if the current design / value will continue? IMO people should be more willing to buy this engine now than they were last year.

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