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This laptop cover reduces glare and keeps my computer cool

Portable: Yes; carrying case included

Device compatibility: Laptops and tablets up to 15 inches

Attachments: Pullover head cover

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not something I’m perfect at mustbut it’s a great hack that I find myself reaching for whenever I want to sit outside and get work done.

It reduces glare and keeps my laptop cool

The shade comes packaged in its own case and opens in seconds, so it doesn’t require any tools for assembly. Immediately after opening, I put my laptop inside and noticed that the glare from the sun is basically absent, and my device does not heat up as fast as usual. The little alcove inside the “tent” is like a hideout for my computer, and even though the cover is black, it doesn’t get hot inside either.

Editorial assistant Jillian Ortiz using the Vatalyst Laptop Sun Shade
Enjoying a sunless day at work outside!Courtesy of Jillian Ortiz

The interior of the sunshade also has several adjustable pockets to hold pens and headphones, as well as side slits where chargers and cords can be inserted. Since I’m only in my yard (and only a few feet away from an electrical outlet), I don’t need to use it very often, but I think it would come in handy for anyone who works on the go.

It also has a cover that you can put on top, so you can work in bad weather or use it for more privacy. However, I will probably continue to just use the shade as is, because it makes me feel left out.

It is portable and easy to store

If you work outside a lot, you probably don’t want to invest in something clunky and difficult to hide. That’s why I love that this cover can be folded on its own (if you can’t figure it out, the brand offers a short, easy-to-follow tutorial), and you can stuff the contents into the included carrying case to carry it around which is practical. everywhere with you. It’s also super light, so carrying it around isn’t a hassle. It folds flat so you can put it in your suitcase or drawer at home if you want, or you can hang it with the handle if you want it accessible all the time.

It includes side slits for quick charging.
It includes side slits for quick charging.Courtesy of Jillian Ortiz

It makes a great gift

While this might not seem like the most practical purchase, I can almost guarantee it would make a great gift for anyone who travels for work or needs a constant escape from their cubicle. For me, after spending nearly 40 hours a week working inside the air conditioning, I appreciate the chance to enjoy some fresh air without my computer flatlining due to heat exhaustion.

At $50, it’s a bit pricey, but I’m not the only one who says it’s worth it. An Amazon reviewer who gave it a five-star rating also called it a “great hack” for working outdoors. “[It’s] It’s lightweight and easy to fold so it doesn’t take up much space,” they say. “I’ve been outside on 90F sunny days, and it keeps my laptop from overheating.”

If you’re in the 9-to-5 indoor office or want to enjoy the comfort of your own backyard while working, this could be the ultimate summer, outdoor hack you didn’t know about. what you need.

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