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The Coder School provides computer programming lessons after school

Coder School La Jolla provides computer programming lessons to children ages 7 to 18 offering semi-private sessions with a close two-to-one student-coach ratio.

“We are an after-school program,” said Aline Pampalon who, along with her husband Artur, co-owns and operates The Coder School. “What we do in our school is to adapt to everyone, and everyone learns the same. We teach based on the interests, skill level, and pace of the students. We believe that children need to participate in order to learn. -on. We want them to do things that inspire them, which makes our approach different from everyone else. We want our education offering to be fun, light, and bright so that students want to come back and learn .”

Code coaching, the school’s flagship program, is a customized learning style that pairs children based on their age and skill level. Children learn through project-based classes with coaches who personalize each lesson. Instead of following a static curriculum, coaches customize their lessons. Sessions run once or twice a week, for one hour. Parents can choose between different days and time slots available Monday through Saturday.

Johana Yan, mother of Katie Chen Yan, who is a student at The Coder School La Jolla, said the program there is “one of the best after-school programs La Jolla has ever seen. Teachers are amazing at inspiring and motivating little minds. This is one of our favorite extracurricular areas. I love how excited my daughter is at the end of each lesson and how much she loves to share all the work she’s done with the teacher.”

Yan added: “The method begins with teaching students logic, as the building blocks of any coding. With a solid foundation of logic, the child can easily learn a variety of programming language and the associated syntax. The method transcends age group and gender, making it a unique learning experience for all children. As a parent of one of the youngest children in school , absolutely delighted to always see the passion and love for coding growing lesson after lesson.

The school refers to the Coder Tree, a graphic that shows the progression of the computer languages ​​taught. Pampalon noted that “Like real trees, our students’ coding journeys are unique to each other, but all need strong foundations and trunks to support their taller, more advanced branches. .”

Pampalon said they are a franchisee of The Coder School, which has more than 50 locations in the United States and Canada, as well as two more in San Diego. He added that the coding program showed that teaching children in pairs “makes for a more enjoyable environment because they have a partner with whom they can share their successes while building the same projects. Children speak many different languages, but they can combine learning with computers as a supplement.

Pampalon said that learning computer languages ​​today will help students to improve in the future. “Even if they don’t want to work on computers, learning computer languages ​​can really help them develop logical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills,” he said.

Pampalon said that there are no long-term commitments to The Coder School. “Students can start at any time,” he said. He added that, after almost three years in La Jolla at 7484 La Jolla Blvd. on the corner of Pearl Street, the school now has about 100 students enrolled.

“We are very proud to be a part of the La Jolla community,” Pampalon said. “It’s a process to become part of the community. I really feel like now I’m part of the community.”


Where: 7484 La Jolla Blvd., 2nd Floor.

Contact:, 858-877-1814.

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