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Fish Tank PC Case Tops Your Computer With 13.5 Liters of Water

The MetalFish Y2 Fish Tank Chassis PC case.

The 21st century equivalent of the soup hot rod, a modded PC packed to the gills with glowing LEDs and other over-the-top adornments can be a fantastic way to display the your wild personality, or now even your Zen-like attitude. , with a new PC case with tank on top you can become a fully-functional and relaxing aquarium full of fish.

Chinese PC case maker MetalFish recently added the Y2 Fish Tank Chassis to its lineup, which is straight to the point when it comes to the most marketable part of the case. Tom’s Hardware crunched the numbers in case dimensions, which puts its size at about 27 liters in total, although it appears that the upper part of the aquarium occupies about half of that, and if you go the fish route, you will not put any components in a tank of 13.5 liters.

The MetalFish Y2 Fish Tank Chassis PC case from two different angles.

The Micro-ATX Y2 Fish Tank Chassis can accommodate a Micro-ATX or Mini-ITX motherboard inside it. 1.5mm thick aluminum body, as well as a single 2.5-inch drive, a pair of 90mm fans, a graphics card up to 22cm high (although the 20cm option is recommended), a 90mm high CPU cooler , and a 1U or Flex ATX power supply. It also features color-adjustable LED lighting inside the case, which is controlled by an included remote.

The aquarium top of the MetalFish Y2 Fish Tank Chassis PC case.

The aquarium above is made from 5mm thick glass panels, with a 3mm thick acrylic panel underneath that keeps all the water and wildlife separate from the PC components below. A strip of LED lights arching over the open top of the aquarium provides daylight-simulating illumination, while an attached pump and filtration system draws power from the PC case below using a USB connection. .

The most obvious question that comes to mind in a creation like this is if the excess heat from the PC can be used to heat the aquarium water, and, in turn, if the aquarium water can be used to help maintain the PC runs cooler. But with a price tag of only around $75 for the Y2 Fish Tank Chassis in China, it’s not like MetalFish has gone the extra mile in engineering to create an equally useful symbiont. relationship between PC components and the aquarium. It’s just an over-the-top PC design that’s impossible to move or shift once the fish enters.

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