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Dr. Katie Is Back Answering Your Computer Related Questions

Julia: Hello, Katie! My name is Julia and I have an old MacBook
computer that no longer updates. I don’t run anything specialized
software that would require me to buy a new Mac…so would you
sell me a PC computer and transfer all my files from my
old mac on new pc?

dr. Katie:Hi Julia! Many people come to our store asking the same question. If you’re running an older mac that hasn’t been updated, and isn’t running any mac-specific software, we can set you up with a Windows PC. Many people don’t want to spend the money to get a new Mac when they can buy a Windows PC for much less, and we have a great selection of Windows PCs and laptops in stock. So, don’t be afraid to stop by Julia, and we can show you what we have
in the hand. We are located behind the Red Lobster restaurant at
Division Street in Saint Cloud. Hope to see you soon.

Austin: Hello! My laptop computer stopped charging. I think a part is broken inside the laptop port where I plug the power cable. I really like this laptop and I don’t want to buy a new one…is there a way to replace that charging port?

dr. Katie: Hi Austin! Thanks for the question. Charging ports on laptops can get damaged just because we use them so much. We keep plugging and unplugging the power cable from our laptop and over time the port itself can get damaged. In many cases, we can replace that part, and then you can continue using your laptop.
Usually, it only takes a week or so to get the part
and fix it, so you don’t lose your laptop for too
long time.

Emily: dr. Katie, I have several old laptop computers at home with family photos on them. They are really old computers, and I don’t believe they even turn them on. Is there any way you can recover the photos and save them to an external hard drive for me? Thanks in advance.

Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

dr. Katie: Hello Emily. Lucky you! We offer Computer Dynamics data recovery services! It doesn’t matter if your computers turn on or not because we pull the hard drive out of the computers and put it in our data recovery machine to get the photos or any other files you want to save. All you have to do is bring your computers to us, check them for data recovery, and we’ll do the rest. We can also recycle your old computers.

Kevin: Hi Katie! I’m having trouble connecting my old laptop to my new Wi-Fi 6 router that I just installed. My laptop connected to my old router fine and had no issues but now that I’ve installed this new router, my laptop doesn’t see it, but it still sees my neighbor’s Wi-Fi. What do you think is the issue and how can I solve it?

dr. Katie:Hi Kevin! Many new routers have Wi-Fi 6 technology built right into them. Wi-Fi 6 (also known as 802.11ax) brings faster throughput speeds, better battery life, and less bandwidth
congestion than you get with Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) technology.
It’s great that you upgraded, however, some wireless cards can’t see the signal. We have USB Wi-Fi cards that can be plugged into your laptop that replace your internal wireless card and allow you to connect to Wi-Fi 6.

Brenna: I need a laptop for school, but I also want to use it for some fun things like gaming, so I can take a little break from all my homework. Do you sell gaming laptops at Computer Dynamics?

dr. Katie: Hi Brenna. I love that you want to have fun with your laptop at school. There are times when you need a little break from homework and want to relax a little with some
games. The answer is yes – we carry gaming laptops and can also special order them if you’re looking for something specific.

Robert: I have a problem. I bought new components to upgrade my custom tower and after I installed them, my computer stopped showing an image on the screen. The computer turns on when I turn it on, but I can’t see anything on the monitor. Is this something you can look into and possibly fix for me?

dr. Katie: Hi Robert. I’m excited that you bought new parts to upgrade your computer but it’s unfortunate that it doesn’t show you an image of your
screen. This is the perfect thing that we can help you with.
Just take your computer and check it for diagnostics and
we get down to why it doesn’t behave itself.

Everett: I own a fast-food restaurant and want to setup a page for DoorDash. I’m not very good with computers – but I know that if I have a page on DoorDash I will get more orders for my restaurant. Is this something you can help me with? Thank you.

dr. Katie: Hi Everett! I love that you are looking to use DoorDash to get more business for your restaurant. I’ve certainly helped other businesses with the same thing and I’d be happy to help you too. Please call me at 320-654-9703 so we can discuss the
details of your business and your online menu.

Sarah: I really want to move to Windows 11, however, I heard that if you upgrade on top of Windows 10 it creates issues. Do you offer a service to backup my files and reload my Windows 11 computer and then put all my files back in the right place, so I don’t have to search for them?

dr. Katie:Hi, Sarah. You are right! If you install Windows 11 on top of Windows 10, it may create issues and you may have strange
quirky things will happen to your computer in the future. It is best to backup your files and then reload your computer Windows 11 to get a new, clean, and usable version of Windows on your computer.
This is a service we offer and you can usually drop it
and return it within a few days. Just stop by our Saint Cloud store with your computer and we’ll get it Windows 11 for you.

If you are having computer problems, or have other computer-related questions that you need help with, please contact Katie, at
320-654-9703, or visit Computer Dynamics on the web at You can also contact Dr. Katie by
Email at,

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