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Indian Computer Emergency Response Team identifies multiple threats in Apple’s macOS, iOS and iPadOS

  • CERT-Sa found several vulnerabilities in Apple’s macOS, iOSand iPadOS that can be used to bypass security restrictions.
  • Permission issues with iCloud Photo Library and Calendar were also found.
  • Recently, Apple released the latest security updates to combat these vulnerabilities.

The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team, CERT-In, has reported several vulnerabilities in the Apple macOS. According to CERT-In, remote attackers could exploit these vulnerabilities to execute arbitrary code, which means the attacker could run any commands or code, cause a denial of service, and bypass the security restrictions.

The vulnerabilities were found in versions of macOS Big Sur before 11.6.8, macOS Catalina before 20022-005, and versions of macOS Monterey before 12.5.

According to CERT-In, remote attackers can exploit these vulnerabilities by directing the victim to visit compromised or maliciously crafted web content to execute arbitrary code and bypass security restrictions.

Why do these vulnerabilities exist?

According to CERT-In, these vulnerabilities exist due to out-of-bounds reads in AppleScript, affecting an unknown part of the AppleScript component. In addition to this, SMB and Kernel – space for sharing files on the network, GU Drivers, and SMB and WebKit.

Permission issues and information disclosure in iCloud Photo Library and Calendar were also found.

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Vulnerabilities in iPadOS and iOS

Various vulnerabilities in Apple’s iPadOS and iOS have been found in versions prior to 15.6. As with macOS, these vulnerabilities can be exploited by a remote attacker to bypass security restrictions and cause a denial of service. To exploit the user, an attacker leads the user to maliciously crafted web content.

Vulnerabilities and security threats are very similar to macOS, as permission issues were found in Home, ImageIO and Kernel and PluginKit. In addition to this, issues with GPU drivers, memory corruption, information, and iCloud Photo Library exposure were also found.

What can you do?

To combat these vulnerabilities and issues, Apple released the latest security updates for iOS and iPadOS after the latest version of macOS 12.5, the latest version of tvOS 15.6, and watchOS 8.7.

Remember, once you update to the latest security updates, you cannot downgrade to a previous version.

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