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NSU computer science program recognized for its quality and affordability | News

Northeastern State University’s computer science program was recently recognized as one of the most affordable in the country.

The University HQ ranked NSU at No. 36 in its list of “Top 100 Best Affordable Computer Science Colleges” for 2022.

“We are very pleased that our program is not only recognized as a program of quality but also of affordability. With the program’s exceptional faculty who stay abreast of current trends, issues and practical applications in computer science, NSU has our students are ready to use their knowledge and skills in computer science positions immediately after graduation. Our faculty values ​​personal connections with students and strives to make learning relevant to the future their students work as computer scientists,” said NSU Department Chair of Mathematics and Computer Science Dr. Martha Parrott.

Parrott said the degree was designed according to guidelines set by the Association for Computing Machinery and the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, the two leading professional organizations for the discipline of computer science.

Dr. Rad Alrifai, professor of computer science at NSU, said that NSU offers a contemporary curriculum and a variety of courses necessary to prepare students for their professional careers or graduate schools. NSU’s computer science program focuses on software development including programming in contemporary computer languages ​​and software engineering, as well as computer science project development.

NSU’s computer science program is also student-focused and offers many learning opportunities for those enrolled. According to Alrifai, one of the opportunities is a capstone project where students develop complete software solutions similar to those used in real-life business applications. Internships are also available to students interested in acquiring job-related skills prior to graduation.

The US Department of Labor Statistics continues to project the employment of computer science majors in higher demand than the average careers. Alrifai said students can rest assured that at NSU there is a community of students, staff and faculty who all have a vested interest in their success.

“Having an independent and unsolicited party present their evaluation that NSU’s CS program is one of the most affordable programs in the county can serve as an important statement in support of the credibility and integrity of our message about in the ease of our program,” said. Alrifai.

To learn more about NSU’s computer science program, visit the program’s website or contact the department at 918-444-3842.

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