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‘Cyber incident’ prompts shutdown of West Babylon school computers

A “cyber incident” led West Babylon public schools to shut down the district’s computer system while technicians investigated whether confidential data had been compromised, the superintendent said Monday.

In a letter to West Babylon families, superintendent Yiendhy Farrelly said the district is still looking into the extent of the breach.

“We are still investigating to ensure that no confidential data has been compromised. At this time, we are not aware of any access to personal student or staff information. .

In a statement issued by external spokeswoman Jessica Novins of public relations agency Syntax, the superintendent said the incident occurred on July 25.

According to the statement, an administrator had a problem logging into a computer system in the district, a problem IT staff also noticed to troubleshoot the problem. That’s when the district’s “cyber safety procedures” were activated, and the systems were shut down, the statement said.

Newsday reported in March that Long Island schools have suffered at least 29 incidents of ransomware, computer hacking and other cyber incidents in the past three years, including attack that cripples computer networks in workers’ comps that reveal Social Security numbers, addresses and other private information. , according to records obtained from the state Department of Education.

The West Babylon superintendent’s letter said students, staff and teachers will be told soon how to change passwords, and the district is working to restore computer systems.

“We are working to restore our service and rebuild our network – piece by piece,” the letter said. “Our collective first step is to expedite password changes for all students, staff and faculty. Families will receive follow up communication regarding student password changes.”

The West Babylon district has 3,705 students and seven schools, according to the state Department of Education.

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