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US and Japan are working on two-nine processes for processing computer chips

By the end of the year, a corresponding research center will open in Japan.

According to published data, a research center will be launched in Japan at the end of this year, and US and Japanese scientists will develop the process technology of 2.4 ml per second. This project will help countries build strong supply chains for semiconductors and protect themselves against tensions around Taiwan.

After that, specialists will develop and debug the production of 2-nm chips. This pipeline will soon be built in 2025. The center will be built on the basis of a research institute, which will be completed before 2022, too.

It is certain that only ninety percent of the world’s production of chips using less than 10 nm is concentrated in Taiwan. To be fair, it is not easy​​​​to avoid a conclusion: Beijing hardly gives up hope for an annexation of the island to China, which is not appropriate for the United States. The technological development of the new research center is expected to be transferred to technologically advanced countries of similar value to the United States.

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