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How to delete (or edit) a Google review on a computer, Android, iPhone

  • Google reviews can be deleted on a computer, Android or iPhone.
  • Google reviews can be edited to change their rating, text and attached images.

If you’re feeling bored, hungry or energized, you can browse Google Maps to find the location that best suits your interests.

Google’s solution to help you find out which places are the best according to customers: Google reviews. Google says its reviews “provide useful information,” while helping quality businesses get noticed. Google further explains how business owners can use these reviews.

However, if you change your mind about something and want to change or delete one of your Google reviews, we have the perfect guide for your needs.

Keep your information private:Here’s how to secure your Google accounts, limit tracking and keep hackers at bay

Just curious?:We are here to help with everyday life questions.

How to remove a Google review

Google reviews can be deleted from your computer, Android device or iPhone device. Google advises computer users to follow these steps, Android users to follow these steps and iPhone users to follow these steps:

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