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SWaP-constrained rugged mission computer for signal and image processing introduced by Curtiss-Wright

ASHBURN, Va. – Curtiss-Wright Corp. Defense Solutions division of Ashburn, Va., introduced the MPMC9337 rugged mission computer for military systems that need more on-board processing power but must limit their size, weight, and power ( SWaP) burden.

The MIL-grade three-slot 3U OpenVPX mission computer is ready to support compute-intensive general-purpose graphics processing unit (GPGPU)-driven applications such as cognitive signal and image processing.

It is pre-configured with a Curtiss-Wright VPX3-1220 or VPX3-1260 single board computer in the first slot and an NVIDIA GPGPU based co-processor module in the second slot.

The computer board hosts a Curtiss-Wright XMC-E01 Vita 42 fiber-optic XMC module that delivers four channels of 10-gigabit Ethernet, configurable as four 1000BASE-T Ethernet ports or four 10GBASE -SR Fiber Ethernet port.

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The third slot in the chassis can support a 3U OpenVPX SATA solid-state drive data storage module or an additional 3U OpenVPX PCI Express card. The MPMC-9337 also has an integrated 28-volt DC power supply.

Measuring 250 cubic inches, this compact mission computer delivers reliable and predictable performance at operating temperatures as high as 71 degrees Celsius.

The system uses advanced coldplate and thermal management to remove the need for fans, air supplied by the car, fluids, or other needs from the car. Designed for operation in harsh military environments, the MPMC-9337 chassis includes heaters to support cold starts at temperatures as low as -50 C.

I/O includes a dual channel CAN/MilCAN offload controller, as well as USB and video ports accessible from the front of the unit. For more information contact Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions online at

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