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Letter to the Editor – Watch out for this new computer scam | Opinion

It’s an exciting time of year! Between the Old Soldier’s Reunion, Tractor Runs and County Fairs, people are really busy whether they are part of the events or an attendee. A lot of things happen and it’s easy to get lost in the mundane. So when we get an email reminder that it’s time to pay a bill, we either pay it right away so it’s not overdue or we put it off until later, and deal with it along with all the other bills and letters we have to answer. This is how the latest scam works. There are a couple of variations on this, but the basic scam is that you get an email reminding you that your fees for your Norton/McAffee/Avast antivirus account are due and you need to call help given a free number to talk to. an agent. Some emails tell you that the amount due has been taken from your account and you should call if this is a mistake.

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