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Which wireless computer monitor is best?

There are tons of TVs and PC monitors to choose from with a wide range of features such as high dynamic range playback, high resolutions and high refresh rates. Most of them require a wired connection, usually using an HDMI cable. But there are some situations, such as business conference rooms, that make it inconvenient or impossible to use cable.

For cases, consider a reliable, feature-rich wireless monitor. The Samsung M80B is the best because it has a resolution of UHD, integrated streaming services and reliable wireless connection.

What to know before you buy a wireless computer monitor

They are better than screencasting

You can use screen mirroring to send a copy of the device’s screen to many modern TVs. This feature is available on most smartphones, tablets and laptops. However, this is not the main purpose of most TVs, and, in many cases, the implementation of the connection is not very good. Wireless screencasting often results in a highly compressed image that is unsightly and far from the input device.

Wireless monitors are different. Since it is intended specifically for wireless PC displays, you can be sure that it is easy to use, maintains a stable connection and does not lead to tons of artifacts or other visual infidelity issues.

They are not good for gaming

While wireless monitors typically have less lag than TVs during screencasting, they still have more input latency than a wired monitor. For that reason, any kind of game that requires time may be impossible to play. You can, in theory, still play simple games like board games or educational titles that don’t rely on reflexes.

They are good for business use

If you need to outfit a conference room with a TV that anyone can connect their laptop to easily, a wireless PC monitor is worth considering. They are generally engineered for wide compatibility and can maintain a more consistent connection than other wireless display solutions. They also have fewer annoying ads and easier customization options compared to smart TVs.

What to look for in a quality wireless computer monitor

Size and resolution

There is a chance that a wireless monitor will sit further away from the audience than a standard monitor. In that case, you can get something that is usually quite large. For example, a 32-inch monitor is too large for many people’s desks. If you’re sitting four feet from it, though, 32 inches is a good size.

On the other side of the coin, high resolution is less critical if you are sitting at a distance. Looking at a 1080p display from a few feet away, you won’t be able to tell much of a difference between it and a 720p display.

Built-in streaming services

Many wireless monitors closely toe the line between a computer monitor and a TV. Some of the best games are an integrated operating system and apps, like a smart TV. Also, like a TV, you don’t have to use it. But that kind of technology can greatly improve the functionality and convenience of a display, especially when it pulls double duty for work and play.

Integrated voice assistants

While many TVs offer voice control to search and play movies, few of them offer full voice assistant support. In that sense, wireless monitors are often similar to smart monitors, which in some cases are the same thing.

In addition to supporting assistant services such as Bixby and Alexa, some wireless monitors – from Samsung – can even serve as smart home hubs for some smart protocols.

Wireless connection protocols

Most wireless displays use Wi-Fi to connect, which ensures enough bandwidth to transmit a nearly uncompressed image. But this is not the only type of wireless connection. For example, Mac users or owners of Apple-based smart homes will appreciate Apple AirPlay compatibility for screen mirroring and streaming audio.

How much can you expect to spend on a wireless computer monitor

The cheapest ones only cost around $200, although they aren’t that big. You can spend $600 on something with 4K resolution and a built-in webcam.

Wireless computer monitor FAQ

Do portable monitors make good wireless displays?

A. Only in very special situations. Some portable monitors sport wireless connectivity, but it’s rarely more reliable than screencasting on a smart TV. In addition, portable monitors are small when necessary, negating much of the usefulness of a wireless monitor. However, if you need something that looks good and can be used on the go, a portable computer monitor can be a good choice.

Are wireless computer monitors good for watching movies?

A. For the most part, wireless displays are geared more toward functionality than entertainment. That’s not to say they don’t look good, but they won’t bring out the absolute best of a 4K Blu-ray or anything else mastered in HDR. For example, few wired PC monitors offer home theater-level contrast levels and local dimming, so certainly no wireless monitors can. For casual enjoyment of streamed movies, however, a wireless monitor can work well, especially if it sports integrated streaming apps.

What is the best wireless computer monitor to buy?

Ultimate wireless computer monitor

Samsung M80B

What you need to know: It is large with high resolution and many useful features.

What you will love: Its 4K resolution, reliable connection and long-term reliability make it the best high-dollar option. Features like integrated Alexa and Bixby voice control, plus the ability to serve as a SmartThings hub, make it perfect for smart homes. There’s even an integrated webcam, making it perfect for working from home.

What you should consider: It is quite expensive and, in some cases, there may be ads on the home screen.

Where to buy: Sold on Amazon

Top wireless computer monitor for the money

HP U27

What you need to know: It’s clearer and better looking than most of the competition but still doesn’t cost much.

What you will love: At 27 inches, its UHD panel delivers a crisper image than most TVs. It is treated to resist glare in sunny environments, offers 100-millimeter VESA mounting support and has 3 USB-A 3.2 Gen 1 points for connecting peripherals.

What you should consider: Since it is not very large, it is not ideal for large rooms or viewing large groups.

Where to buy: Sold by HP

Worth checking out

Samsung M5

What you need to know: There aren’t many super-affordable, compact monitors like this, which make a great secondary display or perfect smart TV for a small room.

What you will love: If you want a display that supports your laptop and late-night TV viewing habits, this is worth a look. In addition to Wi-Fi connections, it is compatible with Apple AirPlay 2 and most of the popular streaming services are already installed.

What you should consider: The resolution and contrast levels leave a little to be desired.

Where to buy: Sold on Amazon

Get: If you need to outfit a conference room with a TV that anyone can connect their laptop to easily, a wireless PC monitor is worth considering.

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