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Stray Computer Puzzle: How To Unlock B-12

Created by BlueTwelve Studio, Stray is one of the most fun and entertaining games you can find. This game was recently released in 2022, where you play a stray cat and make your way to a city full of robots. You will perform missions such as solving Computer Puzzles that will help you get B-12 to Stray. While you’re at it, consider reading Stray Memory Locations and see all 27 B-12 memories.

Stray is a single-player game that falls into the category of adventure and puzzle, where you play as the third person. The game is easily accessible for PlayStation4 and 5. As you progress through the story, you need to find Vending Machines and Energy Drinks in Stray.

It includes many mysteries that you continuously discover and decode as you walk through colorful hallways to get out of there. Throughout your journey, you will collect many Stray badges that will help you unlock certain achievements. Wondering how to crack the safe? Check out our Guide to Stray Mysterious Passwords!

In our Stray Computer Puzzle guide, you will learn how to solve all the computer puzzles to continue in the game so if you are a cat lover, hold on and sit tight. If you’re looking for a way to keep Elliot warm, check out our location guide for Poncho in Stray.

What is Computer Puzzle In Stray?

In it, you have to enter a private zone to save a B-12 friend, but going out of it can lead you to problems.
So to do that, there’s a Computer Puzzle in Stray that you need to find the solution to, and as easy as it sounds, it’s really confusing. Also if you’re stuck looking for sheet music, check out our Guide to Stray Music Sheets.

How to Activate Stray Computer Puzzle

At first, you need access to the Flat room where you can solve the Stray Computer Puzzle, and place yourself in the room through a casement. Confused about what will happen in the end? Read our Stray Ending Explained guide.

Stray's Computer Puzzle door
Enter the flat room
Computer Puzzle of Stray
Access to the room
Stray's Computer Puzzle door
Enter the computer room

Inside, you have to move the keyboard to collect all the power units so you can free your friend B-12 and run away too. Now we will guide you through the steps to follow to turn on the search. Also, consider going through our Stray Worker Hat and Cassette Tape guides.

Steps To Solve

First and foremost you need to find the power plugs that are in different parts of the room and switch on the screen in front of you, this will open four computer screens. To interact with the earth’s power units, you need to understand them.

Where Can I Find Power Codes on Sockets?

The following are the places in the room where you can find the plugs in the Stay Computer Puzzle.

  • There is a Control Panel in the center of the room, you may find a socket there.
  • On top of the cabinet: To get to the top, you need to get a wooden stool and jump.
robot search
Power switch installation 1
  • On a gadget on the wall: Look for a handle to turn it on, you will find a gadget next to the wall with a socket.
how to get b 12
Power switch equipment 2
  • In the small cabinet on the opposite side of the wall: To find the last switch, put your hands on the computer that moved to the left side of the room. It is located on the upper part of the cabinet. You will find your last power socket there.
mission location
Power switch equipment 3

Who Is B-12 And Why Save Him?

By doing this task, you will find a companion called B-12. He also knows all the tricks to escape the room. After you turn on all the computers in Stray by solving the Computer Puzzle, you will find a secret door behind a bookshelf.

Stray is about a cat who hides and escapes the world of evil robots. However, there is also a cute, kind and you might say cat-friendly robot in the world of Stray.

B-12 is ready to help the adorable little kitten who says nothing but a little meow to communicate. In addition, the kitten has little to zero ideas on how to use gadgets. So B-12 helps a lot with this.

How to Save on B-12

Once you’ve plugged in the computer and entered the secret room, jump on the enemy robot. After this head to the Computer cabinet.

After that, continue walking through it and find a wooden box, throw it on the ground with B-12. Grab the robot and run over to the scanner to scan and wake it up. After B-12 is activated, you will be welcomed into a new scenario.

b 12 missions
Storage B-12

Help B-12 And Escape The Robots

Supporting B-12 and helping the robot escape the Computer Puzzle room will help the cat and reward it. As they say, two are better than one and with B-12’s communication skills and knowledge of gadgets, the cat can escape the evil trap of robots called Zurks.

opening b 12
Finding B-12
finding sockets
Activation of B-12

B-12 Combat Skills and Tactics

Together, Cat and B-12 go to a foreign city. Although the main character of Stray is the cat, even without B-12’s unique skills, it still loses as B-12 acts not only as a shield but also as a communication device for the cat.

talking to b 12 Computer Puzzle of Stray
Get out into the world
find b 12 of Stray's Computer Puzzle
A new world view


Stray in Computer Puzzle is a user-friendly game. For a person who likes to hang out with cats and like worldly adventures, this seems to be the perfect game with mind-blowing puzzles and secret missions in a world full of alien creature.

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