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Why Aqualung i330R Scuba Diving Computers got recalled.

Any piece of scuba diving equipment that does not do its job threatens the life of the diver. That’s why Aqualung recalled about 16,400 of their i330R Scuba Diving Computers.

The problem, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announcement: “Recalled diving computers may fail to adjust the user’s altitude and display incorrect sea level calculations at dive times at altitudes higher at 3,000 feet, posing injury (decompression sickness) and drowning. dangers. ”

The alert says Aqualung knew at one point that the time dive computer showed an incorrect calculation because it failed, but no one was injured.

It consists of the typical model No. Black/NS159000 from serial No. GD-001004 to GD01532, which accounts for 14,000 units. Another 2,200 units are model No. 2-Gauge, PSI/NS159001, serial No. GM-001000 to GM-003005. Model No. only has 129 units. 2-Gauge, Bar/NS159002 from serial No. GM-001011 to GM-001269.

Aqua Lung i330R dive computer_fitted.png
The recalled Aqualung i330 Scuba Diving Computer US Consumer Product Safety Commission

Aqualung wants users to reach out to the company for a free repair, via the DiverLog+ app, contact Aqualung online or take the computer to a dealer or dive center.

For questions, contact Aqualung at 877-379-7694, Monday through Friday, noon to 8 p.m., Eastern time, or by emailing

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