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How to Turn on the Big Computer in Chapter 3

Chapter 3 of Saag occurs almost exclusively within a small plateau. As they explore the seemingly empty settlement, players soon come across a message on the computer screen asking them for help. By walking over the keyboard and making sure to hit the Enter key, it is possible to reply to this message, which, after a few useless messages, will eventually lead to the unknown sender opening a nearby door to a secret lab.

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Inside the lab, players will find several computers and monitors, although the ones they need to interact with to progress are still powerless. Conveniently, there are four energy cells scattered around the room, though finding them all can be a bit tricky. With a few well-placed jumps, however, players can turn on the big computer and unlock B-12, who is one of the most charming video game companions in recent memory. .

How to Turn on the Big Computer in Chapter 3 of Stray

To turn on the large computer in Chapter 3 of the Saag, players must find four energy cells scattered around the room and plug them into empty sockets to make the monitors light up. One or two of these cells are in the open, but others can only be accessed once players manipulate the room a bit. It doesn’t matter which order the players find, although it might make sense to pick up the one on the terminal before the one on the shelf.

  • Energy Cell 1: Jump on the lever on the right side of the room to make the computer terminal slide to the left. The energy cell is attached to the bottom of the computer terminal.
  • Energy Cell 2: After moving the computer terminal, climb on top of it and then jump to the shelf on the left. The energy cell is inside an old computer server.
  • Energy Cell 3: Use the stool on the left side of the room to climb onto the nearby bookshelf. The energy cell is on top of the shelf between the two CCTV cameras.
  • Energy Cell 4: Go up to the table in the middle of the room. The energy cell is plugged into the electronic equipment on the table, although players can only reach it from the side facing the large computer.

How to Unlock B-12

After plugging in all four energy cells, the bookcase will slide to the right and reveal another Saagsecret rooms. Inside, players will find an ancient robot, which they can ride to get to the top of the shelves on the left side of the room. There, they find a cardboard box containing a B-12 drone, though they can’t open it from here. To get into the box, they need to press the Triangle button to knock it to the ground, after which they can jump and pick up the drone, again using the Triangle button.

Now that they’re in the B-12 unit, players need to get it back to the lab. They could see that the computer monitors there were no longer displaying binary code, each now displaying a large arrow instead. These arrows direct players to a strange electronic device on a table near a golden Maneki-neko (calling cat) statue. If they go to this device and press Triangle, the AI ​​that was messaging the players earlier will be uploaded to the drone.

Saag is now available on PS4, PS5, and PC.

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