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Teachers take free skills course to bring computer science to Kansas schools

KANSAS (KSNW) – Only 1/3 of Kansas high schools teach computer science classes, but that will soon change thanks to Koch Industries and

Teachers around the state take a skills course to bring a computer science class to their school, and it’s all free.

This comes before high schools must have a computer science course in Kansas for the 2023-2024 school year.

“Learning it now will give everyone a year to get their feet wet, experience, and practice before they implement it next year. That’s why this course was discovered in computer science once our teachers go through their one-week PD and four quarterly they can implement this course in a high school and meet that requirement, ”said Facilitator, Sara Roberts.

They hope that children of all ages will learn something new from these new classes.

“Computer science is the new literacy, and the more you empower students with different abilities and this knowledge then the more they feel empowered to go into their future endeavors. career, ”said Maize Virtual Preparatory Teacher Aly Hethcoat.

Nearly 100 Kansas teachers will teach this course sponsored by

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