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Tachyum Signs Agreement with M Computers to Expand HPC, AI, Edge and Cloud Computing in Central and Eastern Europe

LAS VEGAS-(BUSINESS WIRE)-Tachyum today announced that it has entered into an agreement with M Computers, an IT services provider based in the Czech Republic, to bring Tachyum’s Prodigy technology to commercial, industrial, and scientific research institutions in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). Prodigy, the world’s first universal processor, enables high-performance computing (HPC), artificial intelligence (AI), edge computing, cloud and hyperscale data centers, and other IT features and applications that demand latest show.

M Computers is a leader in HPC, supercomputing and AI in the CEE region, and specializes in the design and delivery of computing, high-capacity storage, server, and data storage clusters. M Computers specialists design the best server configurations, interconnect networks, storage systems, management software, or HPC applications that maximize computer resources, and help design and implement data centers. .

M Computers also collaborates on important national projects for state organizations and companies. Their clients include Masaryk University in Brno, Academy of Sciences in the Czech Republic, Czech Technical University, IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Center, Ministry of Justice in the Czech Republic, General University Hospital in Prague, and many more.

The companies plan to collaborate to develop an open platform for supercomputing, scientific research, Big Data, and AI, as well as support innovations in relevant industry sectors and collaborate with other leaders. in the field. M Computers and Tachyum hope that these efforts will provide opportunities for high-tech investors, for regional economies including employment growth, and more useful research.

“The prodigy processors from Tachyum look very good for HPC and AI deployments from a compute performance point of view,” said Petr Plodik, Sales Director of M Computers. “We are looking forward to the first samples of Prodigy chips to promote them under the actual workloads of our customers.”

“M Computers is an ideal partner to help expand Prodigy’s potential for HPC, AI, and other workloads and to lead the charge for open, interoperable, universal computing,” said Drs. Radoslav Danilak, founder and CEO of Tachyum. “This agreement will be a benefit to industry, business, universities, and government organizations in the CEE region, and may even support the creation of Prodigy -based hyperscale data centers with greater efficiency and economy. . ”

Tachyum’s Prodigy integrates 128 high-performance custom-designed 64-bit compute cores with the functionality of a single CPU, GPU, and TPU in one device, allowing it to deliver performance up to 4x the highest performing x86 processors (for cloud workloads) and up to 3x the highest performance GPU for HPC and 6x for AI applications.

Prodigy delivers unprecedented performance in data center, power, and economy, significantly reducing CAPEX and OPEX. Thanks to its use for high-performance and line-of-business applications, Prodigy-powered data center servers can seamlessly and dynamically move between workloads, eliminating the need for expensive dedicated AI hardware and dramatic increase in server usage.

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Tachyum is transforming the AI, HPC, public and private cloud data center markets with its recently launched core product. Prodigy, the world’s first Universal Processor, combines the functionality of a CPU, GPU, and TPU into one processor that delivers industry-leading performance, cost, and power efficiency for specialty and general-purpose computing. If Prodigy’s processors were provided with a hyperscale data center, they could have all AI, HPC, and general-purpose applications running on one hardware infrastructure, saving companies billions of dollars. every year. With data centers now using more than 4% of the planet’s electricity, projected at 10% by 2030, the ultra-low-power Prodigy Universal Processor is essential to continue to double the center’s worldwide capacity. data every four years. The Tachyum, founded by Drs. Radoslav Danilak built the fastest AI supercomputer (128 AI exaflops) in the EU based on Prodigy processors. Tachyum has offices in the United States and Slovakia. For more information, visit

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