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Israel to establish quantum computing R&D center, build quantum computer

Israel continues with plans to lay the foundation for quantum computing ability, which it says will lead to future economic, technological, security, engineering, and scientific advances.

This week, the Israel Innovation Authority announced a budget of NIS 100 million ($ 29 million) to build a quantum computing research center, led by Israeli startup Quantum Machines, that will also help build quantum computers.

Quantum Machines, launched in 2018, is building a hardware and software solution – Quantum Orchestration Platform (QOP) – for operating quantum systems to facilitate research and enable future successes. It also developed QUA, a standard universal language for quantum computers that the startup said would allow researchers and scientists to write programs for different quantum computers with a unified code.

The company already provides quantum computing services to customers in more than a dozen countries, including multinational corporations, government laboratories, academic institutions, and quantum development startups. Quantum Machines recently announced a partnership with automotive giant Toyota to create future quantum capabilities and offer Japanese multinational customers access to quantum technologies.

Israel’s new quantum computing center is part of the NIS 1.25 billion ($ 390 million) Israel National Quantum Initiative, launched in 2018 to facilitate relevant quantum research, develop human capital in the field, encourage industrial projects, and inviting international R&D cooperation.

In February, the Israel Innovation Authority and the Defense Ministry announced that they planned to spend approximately NIS 200 million ($ 62 million) to develop a state quantum computer and lay the foundation for Israeli computational capability in the field. The NIS 100 million budget is part of this plan.

The Defense Forces Research and Development (DDR&D) will issue a separate tender to fund the development of quantum technologies for military use for another NIS 100 million, the authority of change said.

Quantum Machines, along with a consortium of Israeli and international quantum tech companies at the center, will make a quantum computer for use in the commercial and research communities.

The center will offer access to research and development of three quantum processing technologies – superconducting qubits, cold ions, and optic computes – and will provide services to the Israeli quantum computing community, the Israel Innovation Authority said Sunday.

Itamar Sivan, co-founder and CEO of Quantum Machines, said in a company statement that the purpose of the project is to “give Israeli companies access to the most advanced quantum technologies and services so they can develop deep quantum expertise in industry and academia.This expertise will allow Israeli companies across sectors and industries to gain a leading position in the world.

Ami Appelbaum, chairman of the Israel Innovation Authority, said the new center was “the response to a current strategic market failure and part of the authority’s policy to enable the industry to maintain its leading position going forward. of breakthrough and disruptive technologies. “

Countries like China, Japan, US, Germany, and India are also pouring millions into developing their own quantum capabilities.

According to recent market projections, the global size of the quantum computing market is expected to grow from about $ 470 million in 2021 to about $ 1.765 billion in 2026.

Quantum computing is a new and extremely complex field, but experts say the capabilities could be especially useful in industries such as cybersecurity, materials and pharmaceuticals, banking and finance, and advanced manufacturing, and can lead to many advances in broad fields such as economics, security, engineering, and science.

In short, quantum computing uses quantum mechanics to quickly solve problems that are too complex for classical computers. Quantum computers process more data than classical computers, using quantum bits, or qubits, the basic unit of quantum information.

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