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Constru offers automation with computer vision platform | Geo Week News

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, Constru’s platform automates scheduling, task lists, and more.

As technology continues to evolve at a brisk pace, almost every outside industry is trying to find ways to better and more effectively automate their workflow as much as possible. The construction industry is certainly no exception to this, and more and more solutions are popping up to achieve this goal. While there are now few platforms used by asset owners and contractors in North America, a new company, Constru, has entered space and seeks to carve out their space on the continent, and bag -or they just launched their vision on the computer. solution.

Constru is not a new company in general, but in this market. The company is based in Israel and recently moved to North America, opening offices nationwide in San Francisco, Chicago, and New York. They recognize that they are trying to work their way into a space with existing companies, such as OpenSpace and StructionSite, but are confident in their platform’s ability to stand out among the more established names in this market.

Constru defines themselves as an AI-driven construction solution that renders captured images of insights for better data-driven decision making. The company was founded by experts in the field of construction and technology who were motivated to find better solutions after disappointing experiences of lack of clear data in the construction industry. The builders also have experience in the autonomous auto sector before diving into the construction space. Shalom Bellaish, Constru’s co-founder and Chief of Construction says on the company’s website, “Over the past two decades of construction, I’ve been aware of the need to change to adopt advanced technologies. my mission is to make this change happen. ”

Constru’s platforms, which are integrated with Oracle’s Primavera P6 as well as Procore, extract data from photogrammetry and other sources and effectively mix it with data from the BIM application. The software then utilizes computer vision, the ability of an AI system to view an image and generate insights from that data. It can be used to make strategic decisions during the construction process, parsing images to do things like proposing next steps and identifying possible risks for a project.

The platform can also be integrated into the project schedule to track the status of as many as 280 different tasks, and can also automatically compare images – taken by Constru or the customer – with BIM model to detect possible differences. For example, if something that should have been according to the model is missing from the images, the AI ​​will detect that and alert the user, eliminating the need for workers to enter and manually create these check. All of this can also be remote, meaning construction professionals no longer have to spend long days in the workplace to perform their most important tasks.

Certainly this is a market that is ripe for new companies to enter the fray, and it should only continue to grow as the construction industry as a whole progresses in the coming years and technology. become more quick and powerful. In fact, a recent report shows that the global AI in the construction market is estimated to reach $ 2.6 billion by 2030, compared to a $ 406 valuation in 2019. That’s a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) which is almost 19 percent of the course this decade.

Constru has positioned itself to take advantage of this growing North American market, and they see gaps they can fill. Senior Project Manager Tomer Iserovitch told For Construction Pros that they see a lack of in -depth analysis of current competitors in the space, and that their computer vision technology is a separator. He added, “We can get image-based data, and using these solutions I can sit here in my house and see what’s happening at the construction site.”

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