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Charging Vape Through USB Port Makes Your Computer High

WASHINGTON – A new study from the U.S. Office of Science and Technology has fully proven that charging your vape to your computer via the USB port can make your computer long.

“Sure, you can charge these devices via any USB port, but you need to know that if you’re using your computer, the thing can blitz,” the lead researcher said. Chloe Moses. “You may not realize it, but if your computer is constantly weird and you don’t know why, you may be mistaken. If you find your YouTube searches incorrectly pointed to ‘Cheech & Chong, ‘that’s what happened.

Users have long wondered if their computers will power up if they charge their vape pens via the USB port.

“When I put my vape on my laptop, it eats all the cookies. So it’s actually really nice to confirm what I always suspected,” said computer owner and frequent weed smoker Diane Ortiz “But I don’t think I’m going to stop. I’ve played some powerful games with this thing, and it’s really hard to run it. I feel like everyone’s getting hot and screaming and shit. So it’s nice to know.” that I can rest it each and while and let it rise. Not as it can on its own. “

Even the computers are already starting to vocalize that they are enjoying the rise.

“Heheheheheheheheh yes,” as a local computer said via a Notepad document. “Again, your charging thing is done, maaaaaan. There is no presh to get it though. ”

At the time of publication, Ortiz put a set of nicotine patches on his computer to see what was going on.

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