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Time for a computer upgrade

Let me be clear, there is nothing wrong with my computer right now. This is perfectly enough. I use it now, actually, to write this column.

But there are newer, more powerful computers today. Of course, I don’t need any power. The hardest thing I can do with my computer is run it every day. But something about the new ones made me feel like I was really lost.

I am a notebook computer person. Since I’ve already bought my own computer, that’s all I own. I love the fact that I can take it or dock it to an external monitor on my desk. This is the best of both worlds.

Notebooks have come a long way since I bought my first in 2000, after I graduated. My first notebook computer was an old Compaq Presario. I don’t remember much about it, but it’s almost as powerful as the solar calculator.

My second computer than decked out the Dell Inspiron. I spent $ 2,000 on that computer, which was almost all the money I had at the time. It’s full of power, and I live by that thing.

It’s also about 848 pounds. I remember carrying it in my college backpack. I can’t use it in class, because the battery only lasts about seven minutes, but I can use it in the library between classes. It’s too heavy. Also, unlike today’s kids who have digital books, I have full-size, equally heavy books for each of my classes, which I always feel comfortable with. schedule at such intervals that forces me to carry all my books with me at all times.

I would never, in my life, ever know why I had to change my backpack every three months, or why my back would hurt so often.

I used that computer until it died, and I actually deleted it about a year ago, even though it hadn’t worked in about 15 years.

Things have really changed. I now have a MacBook Air, which as the name suggests, is really light – only 2.84 pounds, actually. I carry it in a bag about the size of a wallet, which will also fit my iPad Pro and a Nintendo Switch, as well as any other small items I might need on a regular basis. that day. I’m still amazed at how small and light these things are.

My MacBook Air also has amazing battery life. Apple says it will last 16 hours on a single charge. I don’t know, because I’m paranoid about power outages, so I almost always put my computer plugged in.

Another reason I don’t need a new computer is because I barely use it to begin with. Almost everything I do on the computer is work-related, and I have a work-issued computer that is newer and nicer than mine. When it comes to browsing the internet at home, I almost always use my iPad, instead of a computer.

I remember when Steve Jobs first announced the iPad. I think it’s very stupid. There’s no way I can pay $ 500 (that’s the original cost) for a big iPhone.

But I sucked and later bought my first iPad, and it changed how I used the internet. I started reading newspapers and magazines about it, and then books. It is very convenient to use the iPad with a computer, because it is lighter.

My iPad is more powerful than any computer I have ever had. Honestly, I’m sure my Apple Watch is more powerful than the decked-out computer I had in college.

Maybe instead of a new computer, I should just update my Apple Watch.

Eric Young is the editor of the Huron Daily Tribune. He can be contacted by emailing

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