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Sluggish Computers Stink

Do you have those times when you want to scream out loud because of a slow computer? A slow computer that would last forever and a day to load web pages and simple necessities that brought me bananas. This often comes from poor maintenance or disorganization. I can burn a laptop every 3 years. Yes, my computer system is full of files that make it crawl like a turtle. If your computer is slow, check out these quick and easy fixes to make it faster!

Check your hard disk space- A common rule of keeping your computer running fast is to have at least 15% of its hard disk space free. If your hard disk is almost full, you need to delete some programs and files.

Organize desktop icons into folders- Doing this will clean up your background, and also reduce your computer’s RAM usage. Your computer will need to load each individual icon if you don’t organize your desktop, which requires a lot of RAM space. If each icon is in a folder, your computer will only need to load each folder.

Save old photos/videos to the cloud or external hard drive- If you have old pictures and videos on your computer that you rarely see but don’t want to delete, move them to the cloud or external hard drive. You can save a ton of memory on your computer and improve its speed.

Close unused tabs- Sometimes, I wish everyone would do this step. Open tabs can weigh down the speed. Unused tabs in internet browsers put up a ton of memory and ultimately slow down your computer.

Shut down or restart your computer at least once a week- If you leave your computer turned on, background programs and applications will take up its memory. Shutting down or restarting your computer can refresh your memory and prompt important tools to run it. Turning on or restarting your computer at least once a week will help speed it up.

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