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Lowcountry nonprofit donates computers to community center

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) – A nonprofit focused on helping students succeed is donating 15 computers to the St. Julian Devine Community Center.

This donation from Computers for a Cause is part of the Tri-County Cradle to Career Digital Equity and Inclusion initiative.

Computers will remain inside the center but everyone in the community will be able to access them.

Ericka Plater with Tri-County Cradle to Career says they realize digital equity and inclusion is not common in all communities. Therefore, they took this initiative to work with community partners to help these communities get equal resources.

During COVID-19, the reality of these inequalities was revealed and children did not succeed in school because they did not have access to the internet and computer equipment.

Plater says it is one thing to have access to computer equipment but it is important to know how to use it.

“Digital equity and inclusion are ultimately important for two things,” Plater said. “One, to increase the academic advancement of children, especially Brown and Black children living in resource-scarce communities. Also, for ensuring that parents and family members have access to the same. technologies to access basic needs.

Employment opportunities, training, and financial support are just a few of the basic needs.

Plater said this donation is also about making sure the families in this community have access to the right resources so they can be successful.

Tri-County Cradle to Career is working to place community navigators at the St. Julian Devine Community Center to help families get direct internet service-related support and access basic needs.

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