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College of the Desert restores campus internet; still no cause given for second week of ‘computer network disruption’

The College of the Desert announced on Thursday that internet service had been restored to all campuses after what officials called a ‘computer network disruption’ on July 4. A News Channel 3 spokesperson also confirmed that a portal for student records and class registration is also back online. The College of the Desert website remains inaccessible, as it has been available for more than a week.

“COD staff found students using temporary avenues for course resources, counseling services, and established resources to ask questions,” Nicholas Robles said in a statement provided by News Channel 3 “COD is restoring service based on a tiered service recovery plan due to the July 4 incident, with services used by students being the highest priority.”

News Channel 3 has been tracking updates on the issues since it was first reported in early July. At the time, Jennifer Franco confirmed that the FBI was involved in the investigation, though school officials would not confirm whether a malicious attack was behind the disruption. You can read the full story here.

Staff and student email accounts were compromised along with internet access. Phone lines and school servers are also non -existent.

In 2020, the COD website fell victim to a malware attack, eliminating access to online and email services. You can read more of that story here.

As crews work to restore access, the school has set up a temporary provide updates and access to available student service resources, such as summer class counseling and resources. Campuses are open.

For students who need help, the college offers the solutions below.

Students who need help can get help by visiting campus in person or using the built-in Zoom drop-in time for Admissions & Records or Counseling:

● Students can still reach the Counseling Office by using the “Cranium Café” at the link
● Summer class resources are available through Canvas with the link
● Zoom Classes can be accessed through student Canvas accounts.

School officials also said COD’s text alert system will continue to be used to provide updates and information to all faculty, staff, and students at daily intervals and as long as the information becomes available.

Tune in at 5 and 6 pm tonight as we talk to students and share updates on any potential solutions.

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