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Scout helps peers build computers | Local News Stories

A local Boy Scout has shown that to do justice to the Scout’s motto, “Get ready,” he needs 21st century technology skills, in addition to being able to burn and make a tourniquet.

17-year-old Lucas Velyvis, of Moss Beach, led a group of fellow Boy Scouts and youth from ALAS to build six computers from scratch for the new Sueño Center at ALAS in Half Moon Bay.

Months of planning, fundraising and research, and years of personal research on computers led to a computer construction workshop on July 6. He built his first computer at the age of 14 for his self then builds one for a friend. The new engineer decided to pass on his personal interest and hobby to an Eagle Scout project.

Velyvis first inspected the computer components, examining suitability, price and functionality. To raise money, he gave the idea to family, friends and the Half Moon Bay Odd Fellows and Lions clubs. After ordering the parts, she created a custom English and Spanish teaching manual to guide students through the construction techniques.

Last week, Velyvis guided a team of five Boy Scouts and five ALAS youths for more than three hours tinkering with motherboards, central processing units, REM cards and HDMI cables. Finally, after a short pizza lunch break, six computer screens lit up the Sueño Center.

The Eagle Scouts are the Boy Scouts of America with the highest success, earning only 4 percent of the Scouts.

“It’s like graduation to show (the Scout) is ready for the outdoors, embody the Scout’s values ​​and the Scout oath, and be able to do a project that demonstrates leadership and brings together many facets,” Tim Riley said. , the assistant troop master of Velyvis’ troops.

The project leaves students with new computer knowledge and the Sueño Center with new equipment. “The goal is to make (the Sueño Center) a technology, entrepreneurship and education center,” said ALAS Executive Director Belinda Hernandez-Arriaga. “Bringing Luke to the computers was a good start.”

Hernandez-Arriaga now hopes that the six computers will be available to ALAS participants to learn technology skills and as a business resource.

“Working with ALAS was a perfect combination,” said Tanya Gulesserian, Velyvis ’mother. “He wants to work with his peers in his community.”

After the final paperwork is completed, Velyvis hopes to wear the coveted Eagle Scout badge.

Troop 263 invited men and women to their meetings Tuesday at Community United Methodist Church in Half Moon Bay.

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