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Samsung Cuts Energy Usage of Their Computer Chips by 50% In Big Market Innovation

Leaders of Samsung Foundry Business and Semiconductor R&D Center / Samsung Released.

Samsung Electronics has announced that it has already started initial production of its 3-nanometer semiconductor chips, from their previous 5-nanometer.

The company has launched the first application of this nanosheet transistor with semiconductor chips for high performance, low power computing applications and plans to expand to mobile processors.

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Compared to the 5nm process, the first generation 3nm process can reduce power consumption by up to 45%, improve performance by 23%and reduce area by 16%, while the second generation 3nm process is expected to be improved. yet it is.

“Samsung has grown rapidly as we continue to show leadership in the use of next -generation manufacturing technologies … We aim to continue this leadership in the world’s first 3nm process,” said Drs. Siyoung Choi, President and Head of Foundry Business at Samsung Electronics.

“We will continue to actively drive competitive technological advancement and establish processes that will help accelerate the achievement of technological maturity.”

This smaller, more powerful computer chip is the company’s best test to compete with Taiwan’s market dominance of chips and integrated circuits.

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A 3nm chip opens up many different possibilities for technology manufacturers to save space on the circuit boards of their devices, and in conjunction with a mass-production plant they hope to be available in Texas by 2024, Samsung is ready to help with another reduction. on the size and price of the device.

As technology nodes shrink and the demand for chip manufacturing grows, chip designers face the challenges of managing large amounts of data to validate complex products with multiple functions and more tightly. scaling. To meet such demands, Samsung said they hope to provide a more robust design environment to help reduce the time required for the design, verification and signing process, while also expanding the reliability of the product.

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