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College of the Desert continues to work to restore online/phone access after ‘computer network disruption’

The College of the Desert continues to work to fix a “computer network disruption” that has affected online and phone access for more than a week.

Since July 5, the loss of the computer has affected student and staff access to a variety of online services at the College of the Desert, including email, telephone, and internet access.

COD officials told News Channel 3’s Jennifer Franco last week that a federal investigation was underway after administrators contacted the FBI.

News Channel 3 reached out to COD officials on Wednesday to get an update on the outage.

“IT and 3rd party contractors continue to work to restore email, telephone, and internet access. As services return online and testing is complete we will notify the entire campus community and public. Thank you for your continued patience as we navigate, repair and continue to strengthen our technology to minimize further disruptions

– COD response

As the school works to restore access, a temporary website – – has been set up to provide updates and access for available student service resources, such as counseling and resources. summer class.

A school spokesman said officials answered 350 questions submitted to the temporary website. In addition, students use drop-in zoom times.

We spoke with students on campus to find out what the impact of the outage would be on their days.

“Thankfully Canvas is still working so we can still do the work,” said Zachary Contreras, a COD student. “Now we just got out of class, so we don’t have internet so that is kind of an issue,” he added.

Another student said he had problems contacting teachers.

“Yesterday I tried emailing my professor saying how I couldn’t attend class, and obviously he never got the email,” said Darinka Rivera, a COD student.

Last week, Jennifer Franco asked if students ’information had been compromised.

“I don’t want to speculate what that is because we are still continuing our investigation,” said COD Public Information Officer Nicholas Robles.

By 2020, the COD website has fallen victim to a malware attack, eliminating access to online and email services.

The investigation is ongoing. The next update briefing is expected to arrive later today, possibly after 5:00 pm

Stay tuned to News Channel 3 for ongoing updates.

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