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Quantum Brilliance moves to develop hybrid quantum computer

German-Australian manufacturer of quantum computing hardware, Quantum Brilliance has announced a collaboration with graphics processing unit (graphics card) manufacturer NVIDIA to facilitate the world’s development of the world’s first hybrid quantum-classical computing platform.

Announced today at the quantum computing conference Q2B Tokyo, NVIDIA QODA is a new platform for hybrid quantum-classical computing, connecting traditional and quantum computers for business and edge applications.

Quantum Brilliance uses synthetic diamonds to make quantum accelerators, making it one of only a handful of companies around the world to already deliver quantum computing systems for customers to operate on-site today.

Nvidia designs and sells GPUs for gaming, cryptocurrency mining, and professional applications, as well as chip systems for use in automobiles, robotics, and other devices.

Quantum Brilliance co-founder Dr Marcus Doherty said: “NVIDIA is innovating high-performance computing, and the new QODA platform is a bold step forward in the quantum industry as well.

“Our unique room-temperature diamond quantum microprocessor takes advantage of this hybrid approach and can add a critical new element to the high performance computing and embedded computing landscape.

“It’s important that near-term quantum computing requires combining classical and quantum hardware to realize the potential of the technology.”

This allows classical computing power sources such as the NVIDIA graphics processing unit (GPU) to be closer to the quantum processing unit (QPU). The NVIDIA QODA platform provides the unified framework for this vision.

An NVIDIA director Tim Costa said a growing number of researchers around the world believe that scientific advances will occur with hybrid solutions that combine classical computing with quantum computing.

“With the collaboration of new companies like Quantum Brilliance, we believe NVIDIA QODA will transform quantum computing by giving many developers fast access to the best tools for both world. “

Working with NVIDIA and QODA computer processors, Quantum Brilliance’s software and application team will build quantum emulators that mimic the vacant nitrogen centers of the company’s diamond -based quantum computers to make them more efficient. simulations of even more qubits, according to the company.

Quantum Brilliance leverages the Quick Business Operating Systems (QBOS) software development kit to develop applications that focus on the widespread parallelization of quantum computers for molecular simulation, as well as edge applications for signal processing such as speech-to -text conversion.

Photo: Quantum Brilliance

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