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Garmin unveils the new Edge 1040 Solar GPS Bike Computer in Malaysia

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Garmin Malaysia has introduced the first solar-powered GPS bike computer: the Edge 1040 Solar. Let’s see what it has to bring to the table.

Garmin Edge 1040 Solar GPS Cycling Computer 1

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As its name implies, the Edge 1040 Solar features a Power Glass solar-charging lens, allowing cyclists to have more ride time between each charge.

Multi-band GNSS technology is another feature of the Edge 1040 Solar and non-solar that helps cyclists have better GPS navigation in challenging environments.

Garmin Edge 1040 Solar GPS Cycling Computer 2In addition, the Edge 1040 Series can provide insights such as VO2 max, recovery time, training load, training focus, and more from Firstbeat Analytics to help users improve their performance by showing how the reaction of their body to their training efforts.

What’s more, they also get daily exercise suggestions based on their current training load and VO2 max.

The GPS bike computer also has safety and tracking features such as incident analysis, assistance, and LiveTrack to enable loved ones to track a cyclist’s location in real time and see their complete already. -map routes.

Garmin Edge 1040 Solar GPS Cycling Computer 3In addition, the Edge 1040 Series also features ClimbPro, which allows users to analyze their climb performance after a trip as well as check the remaining climb and grade of each climb as well as via the Garmin Connect app or to GPS bike computer directly.

Price and Availability

The Edge 1040 Solar and the non-solar editions are now available RM3,699 and RM3,450 each. It can be purchased by riders through Garmin’s official Shopee store, Lazada, AECO e-store, and all its authorized retailers.

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