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Is Internet Computer (ICP) Worth the Risk Sunday?

Internet Computer receives an average risk rating from InvestorsObserver analysis. The proprietary scoring system analyzes how much money is needed to move the price over the past 24 hours. The metric looks at recent changes in volume and market cap to evaluate how much a coin can manipulate in limited trading. The score ranges from 0 to 100, with low scores representing high risk and high values ​​corresponding to low risk.

Risk/Reward Score - Medium
InvestorsObserver gives Internet Computer a medium Risk/Reward Score. Find out what it means to you and get the rest of the Internet Computer rankings!

Trading Analysis

The current ICP risk mark means that it is a relatively moderate risk investment. Investors who are primarily concerned with risk assessment will find that this point is most useful to avoid (or possibly seek out) investment risks. ICP is trading -4.47% lower in the past 24 hours to its current price of $ 6.65. This shift occurred as the volume was below its average level and the market capitalization of the coin fell. The cryptocurrency now has a market capitalization of $ 1,632,785,564.66 while $ 106,562,073.92 worth of coins were sold in the last 24 hours. Price fluctuations in relation to quantity levels and market cap changes give Internet Computer an average risk rating.


The fluctuation of the ICP price over the past 24 hours will result in a more general risk analysis due to fluctuations in its price combined with changes in trading volume, giving investors reason to be less concerned about coin manipulation at present. Click Here to get the full Internet Computer Report (ICP).

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