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Making Fortune From Selling, Repairing Computer Hardware

Being a global village in the world, there is almost no place of business, one cannot find a computer system, a computer hardware vendor in Lagos, said Mr. Tony Odiaka.

For example, data from Statista reveals that in 2018, turnover in the desktop Personal Computer market is estimated at $ 780.7 million. The desktop PC market is also expected to reach approximately $ 891.9 million by 2021, data from Statista added.

Odiaka said the personal computer is used almost everywhere from school, office, home to churches, and over time, the computer can become faulty, requiring an expert to fix it or repair it. replacement of defective parts.

“That’s where we go in. Because a computer is so expensive, people are more likely to fix it, rather than buy a new one. That’s what we got into. For me, I sell computer parts such as memory chips, hard disks, flash memory cards, external storage devices, monitors, cables, input devices, keyboards, mice, printers (including toner), projectors, speakers, webcams, monitors and other computer equipment, ”Odiaka added.

He disclosed that the computer industry is very competitive, in the sense that, “in almost every state in Nigeria, there is a place dedicated for the sale of electronic devices including computers. In Lagos, it is called computer village. ” However, selling and repairing computer hardware is also huge revenue, Odiaka added.


While one doesn’t have to go to school before he or she can learn business, Odiaka said, like any business, business knowledge is key, adding that, “you have to learn from someone to understand what is needed. ”

The next stage is funding, Odiaka said: “Funding is very important. If there is no funding, there is no business. So you need to add some reasonable amount of money when entering the business. You need funding. to buy computer accessories.In addition, you need to know where to get good quality computer accessories at the lowest possible price.

“The next stage is to rent a store in a very busy area. You have to consider your location and where your target customers are whether corporate or individual buyers. Renting to a store is very important, because you are easy for people to find.

“In addition, you need to choose a business name. Please choose a business name that makes you unique. After choosing a business name, you need to register the name with the Corporate Affairs Commissions (CAC).

“The next stage is that you need to use social media to sell your products. You can show your stuff on Jumia, Konga and Jiji etc. The status on Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp has proven to be effective very good at advertising my products. You can use them too. ”

In addition to selling computer hardware and software, Odiaka advised that one can learn how to fix it or repair a computer, and added that, this is an added advantage.


Funding is a challenge to any business, according to Odiaka. He added that; “The interest rate in most Nigerian banks is disappointing. You can’t borrow money from the bank, because you can’t pay the interest rate. So having enough funds for the business is a big challenge for Start-ups.

“Another challenge is competition, which is a big business issue. It in most cases forces sellers to cut prices to prevent their customers from getting to another vendor or seller.


Selling and repairing computer hardware and software is a lucrative business, Odiaka said, adding, “This is the business of the future and because of this it is expected to grow further.

As long as IT remains the main thing, the hope for further growth is there. ”


For sustainability, according to Odiaka, what is needed is to have knowledge of whatever one wants to make or sell. In the case of selling and repairing computer hardware and software, he advised, one should have knowledge. “Learn business. Also, learn how to repair hardware and software. You have to learn from someone to understand what is needed.

“Have money; focus; Know when to adjust your prices up or down, be honest and be careful. Try to create a relationship where you can be trusted by your customers. As the Chinese say, whoever wants to make friends, must have a smiling face, ”he advised.

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