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KVS releases new line of computers | News, Sports, Jobs

KVS Computers, Hughesville recently released its own line of computers for the best service to its customers.

“It was designed for performance,” KVS owner Cherif Ammar-Khodja said.

Among the models is The Dreamer, a laptop for personal and light business including accounting.

Ammar-Khodja said the computers are from China but are assembled here to US standards and specifications.

“We put the operating system in,” as he. “It’s very good hardware for a good price.”

He said many people are frustrated with their computers, which are often purchased at box stores, for a number of reasons.

Shane Fiester, a KVS technician, agreed.

“A lot of times when you buy a machine there’s more waste in it,” as he. “It’s really not doing anything other than eating up the resources.”

Ammar-Khodja added: “We decide what to put in a machine. We don’t compete for price.”

“It’s all about customizing a machine to the needs of a particular person,” Fiester said. “We want to be there from start to finish from the time people come in to look at a laptop and tailor it to their needs.”

Ammar-Khodja, who started the business in 2013, said he has repaired computers but is more active in selling new machines.

Meanwhile, KVS continues to recycle used computers and parts.

Other services include hard drive wipe and free diagnostics.

“We believe in our brand and also help the community. We live here and work here,” as he. “People want something to work. You buy from us, we support you. It took us a long time to get to where we are now. We want to do it the right way.”

He believes KVS employees are on board with the intent of satisfying their customers.

“We are very lucky,” as he.

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