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Computer Plus searching for answers after second robbery | News

Tuesday morning just before 1 a.m. 2 men entered Computer Plus, a full-service computer store located in Evansville.

The couple ransacked the business stealing up to 20,000 dollars worth of merchandise leaving a computer damaged and the front door broken.

“I was alerted by our owner and security office as well as looking at security footage of myself outside the site and it was even more disappointing to be even more shocked that it happened,” said Justin Parrish, General Manager of Computer Plus.

This is not the first robbery incident the business has experienced; Parrish said a similar incident happened recently.

Two people were seen on camera stealing multiple laptops and putting them in large bags leading them to believe they were the same suspects.

Fortunately there were no workers at the time of the robbery but the amount of damage done and items stolen was already enough for the business to increase their security measures.

“We’ve done a great job of making sure the things that are in the store are safe,” Parrish said. “Actually, going forward we’re putting in a lot of security measures.”

Now that the camera has captured the suspects, they hope that its notification will prevent any future intrusion and that the suspects will be arrested soon.

In the ongoing investigation, the EPD is still searching for the two suspects.

Meanwhile, Parrish warned people to be vigilant because the suspects had plans to sell the stolen goods.

computer and robbery

computer and robbery

computer and robbery

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