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With Bear Market Inbound, Gnox (GNOX), Internet Computer, and Gala

The downturn in the cryptocurrency market has raised concerns among investors. People who came into the crypto space looking for revenue opportunities now feel pressure to sell their digital assets. But instead of selling, savvy investors are looking deeper into the market for cryptos that are resisting the market’s downward pull.

From that finding, experts identified three cryptos: Gnox (GNOX), Internet Computer (ICP), and Gala (GALA). While the rest of the market is struggling to survive in the bear market, these three cryptos are profitable for their investors.

Gnox (GNOX)

Aimed at benefiting loyal users, Gnox has a unique mechanism for generating passive income and rewards. This DeFi earning solution imposes a 10% buy-and-sell tax on all transactions. A percentage of the tax is distributed to current token holders as a reward. Another 6% is put into a fund, which is used to invest in various DeFi opportunities and digital assets. Everything earned from the use of the fund is passive income for investors.

Gnox has garnered a lot of interest from prospective investors and users of DeFi, which has helped push up the price of its token, GNOX. The value of the token for those who bought GNOX at the start of its presale period has already increased by 63%. As Gnox approaches its launch, which is set for August 18, its token price is also continuing an uptrend.

Internet Computer (ICP)

Internet Computer is a set of protocols aimed at removing the reliance of centralized internet cloud providers. It uses the world’s data centers that are independent of each other. The Internet Computer is said to be the first blockchain to operate at the speed of the web. It has a special mechanism and interface that enables blockchain access directly to web browsers, making it very good for mainstream use.

That’s probably why the trading volume of his coin, ICP, is healthy despite the bearish market. This mark is also recognized as one of the longest -running investments for 2022. Currently, ICP is trading at $ 5.52 but is expected to rise to $ 6.62 in the second half of 2022 and to $ 9.77 in 2025.

Gala (GALA)

Gala has a play-to-earn model and, as such, lives in one of the most exciting corners of the web3. Founded by Ethereum, the network runs Gala Games and has approximately 14 games in progress. Gala is community -driven and has over 7.5 billion GALA tokens in circulation.

The price of GALA is now $ 0.053241. Last year, this sign made headlines due to a huge 30,000% profit. While GALA is unlikely to mimic the same growth rate, it does nonetheless show strong token revenue potential once the market recovers.

The bottom line

The market may be bearish, but experts recognize cryptos that are shining amid the crash. Anyone who misses the opportunity to invest in these cryptos now — or worse, anyone who leaves the crypto market — will just end up in blame.

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