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  • July 7, 2022

    Sydney Adams | Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

    Computer science was completely foreign to Master’s student Alex Romer, until he took his first course in the field during his senior year as an undergraduate. “I missed computer science as a subject that wasn’t really something I could do well,” he said, “even though I didn’t write a single line of code.” Romer thought of computers as “magic” until the first day of his senior year. “I wrote my first line of code, and it was the love of‘ Hello, world! ’” From that moment on, Romer said he had, “an unsatisfied desire to learn more about the computer. science. ” As a student who has focused most of his studies in the field of mathematics, Romer had to find a graduate computer science program that would fill in the gaps in his knowledge, which is how he found- Brandeis’s Master of Science in Computer Science for Non -Majors.

    While looking for graduate programs that offer a curriculum for students without a computer science background, Brandeis remains high on Romer’s list. He chose Brandeis because of his “reputation for excellent academics.” Finally, Romer said, “Brandeis gives me everything I need to succeed” and “allows me to devote my full attention to learning computer science.” After completing his first year at Brandeis, He saw all the elements that motivated him to apply for Brandeis to effect. “Basically, almost all of my time is spent studying and practicing computer science, which is exactly what I want to go into this program,” he said.

    Romer was impressed with the Brandeis faculty. “Every professor I’ve been with at Brandeis is willing to match the effort their students put in to ensure their success,” he said. “They are always open to feedback, and can adjust the course multiple times throughout the semester to fit this feedback. I’m not yet in a position where I can’t get the help I need. This experience with the faculty allowed Romer to “learn about many different aspects of computer science in a short period of time,” he said.

    Thanks to great support and guidance from Brandeis, Romer was able to apply for a cybersecurity internship at National Grid. Romer describes his work as, “ensuring that IT projects done for the company meet an internal set of security standards.” Although Romer did not take any cybersecurity classes at Brandeis, “this role requires that I have a broad understanding of the concepts within computer science,” he said, “The classes I took at Brandeis set on a beautiful foundation of practical and theoretical computer science.scientific knowledge. ”

    As for advice for students interested in pursuing a computer science degree from Brandeis, who don’t have any basic experience, Romer said, “Don’t just be satisfied with what you’ve learned from your classes! ” For Romer, “computer science is a huge field with an infinite number of things to learn. Take time to dive deeper into areas that interest you and expand on the knowledge gained. from courses.