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Tips To Avoid Harmful Effects of Computer And Smartphone Screens on Eyes

Smartphones and laptops have become an important part of our lives. Most of us spend a lot of time each day using smartphones, laptops and computers. More and more people are addicted to smartphones or use computers for long hours because of their jobs. Screens on computers and smartphones can have harmful effects on the eyes.

Professor Jean Twenge of San Diego State University, California, knows that blue light on a smartphone can lead to insomnia. According to ophthalmologists, addiction to smartphones can lead to many other problems related to the eyes.

What do the experts say?

Dr Rajiv Bajaj, an eye specialist at Bajaj Eye Care Center in Delhi, says that focusing on the screen for a few hours can strain our eyes. Eye problems due to excessive computer use are called computer vision syndrome (CVS). Such problems appear in most people who work with computer screens. Children, who watch cartoons and play on smartphones or tablets, also face this problem.

According to Dr Bajaj, if you have eye problems and you do not wear proper glasses while using the screen, then you are likely to exacerbate the problem. Excessive use of the screen can cause problems such as blurred vision, dry eyes, eye irritation, headaches or neck pain.

How to avoid eye problems

According to ophthalmologists, children should not look at the screen for long periods of time. If you work long hours in the office, you need to take a break in the middle. After working out for 20 minutes, rest for 20 seconds and during this time rub your eyelids 20 times. If there is dryness in the eyes, then you can take appropriate drops after consulting an ophthalmologist. The most important thing is that you should visit an ophthalmologist for an eye examination after every three months.

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