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Easily report computer security and privacy incidents using new online form | E-News

Teachers, staff and students can now easily report computer security and privacy incidents, regardless of their college, campus or department, using Qualtrics ’new form on ITS website, DefendYourData., or the ITS Health Sciences Center website.

You must enter your WVU Login credentials to submit a report. You can contact WVU Information Security Services or the WVU Health Sciences Center Privacy & Security Team for more information. People without WVU credentials should be contacted to request an incident form.

Security incidents are defined in the Computer Security Incident Response Policy, but examples include a lost or stolen laptop, a suspected ransomware attack or a hacked device. Examples of privacy incidents include, but are not limited to, such things as: the unintentional sharing of personally identifiable information such as Protected Health Information or FERPA -protected student data with a person who does not authorized to see it.

Suspected spam and phishing attempts, or emails aimed at stealing your personal information should continue to be reported to Please forward the suspicious email as an attachment or use the Report Message or Phishing button in the Outlook email.

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