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The Raspberry Pi Pico W brings wireless functionality to this tiny computer

If you think back to the early days of electronic computing with rooms filled with home-sized units to do what we now consider basic tasks, small inexpensive computers are not surprising- an. Sure, we live in a time where everyone has a super beast in their pocket that can do miraculous things. But it usually costs hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Unlike the Raspberry Pi Pico, which is a popular 21mm x 51mm card sized computer that you can buy with an extra upgrade. This little hobbyist machine recently had a significant upgrade, and with that a 50% price increase. The regular Raspberry Pi also had an initial price increase thanks to the lack of the chip, (Opens in new tab) so it’s no surprise that some may also climb. This is all of course even more important until you remember that we made a small jump from $ 4 to $ 6.

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