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Meet the new owner of CTC Computer Training

Master Microsoft Office at a company that has existed since its inception — led by brand new owner Tyler Marshall

Before Windows and the internet became popular, Janet Stead, founder and owner of CTC Computer Training, went to college to become a computer programmer analyst. After teaching part-time in post-secondary, he got a job teaching military software courses.

“I just fell for it. I was very lucky. They don’t hire me as an employee. They say instead, no, you have to be in business. So I did a business. ”

So, in 1990, CTC Computer Training was born. Soon, Stead was creating a small classroom in his home.

“I have big companies like Molson Breweries, Reader’s Digest and OPP coming up high in my house, where we have four computers set up.”

As he grew up, he opened a classroom on Peter Street North and a second location in Barrie and hired more teachers.

“We’ve traveled the country doing on-site training. We train in the classroom, and it’s fun. It feels great to be a woman, self-employed, and it’s been done over the years.

CTC Computer Training

Unlike 30 years ago, each one-day course teaches students how to work more efficiently in Microsoft Office, rather than ruining what programs are. And even though the younger generation is more likely to have a basic knowledge of how programs like Excel work, no one is teaching them how to use them effectively.

Through his 32 years of experience, he knows his business, teaching thousands of people across the military, corporate entities, government and charitable organization sectors.

“They don’t have to add a household budget anymore. They have to predict. They have to look at trends, and so on. That’s why we’re able to customize and create agendas that best fit the corporate world.

Stead said the number one thing he learned about software is that people spend a lot of time working instead of the computer doing the work for them.

He said only a few tricks, shortcuts and formulas can make all the difference.

“Actually, we are like magicians. People can only see these things. And they said, ‘Are you mocking me?’ And they know how often they go through steps they don’t need to. And that’s a very satisfying feeling. ”

He said they have magic to inspire their students about programs like Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, OneNote, OneDrive and Teams.

“How easily they get answers from their data that they don’t expect is possible without spending hours trying to manipulate it,” he said. “It’s a very rewarding career.”

Meet Tyler Marshall, the new owner of CTC Computer Training

In his first 25 years, Stead built a solid reputation for himself — he no longer had to advertise. So, he chose the instructors he hired.

Six years later, he hired Tyler Marshall after he was found at a local grocery store where he worked while studying for computer programing. Stead said he immediately recognized her intelligence and personality and offered her a job.

“I told him I was expecting perfection — not just knowing your stuff, but knowing how to treat people the right way and make sure they are not only comfortable but so that they enjoy these programs.”

And that’s what he delivered. Marshall became an outstanding coach and business partner, eventually taking all the work forward.

“When I hired him, I told him I wanted him to buy me in five years. So six years later, he approached me and said okay, I’m ready. And in that time, he became an amazing teacher. .

Janet Stead Enterprises

As for Stead, after three decades of public speaking, he says he is comfortable explaining things, introducing and explaining himself. He decided the voicework might be a good segue.

She took courses, received voice and technical coaching and mentoring, and started Janet Stead Enterprises about two and a half years ago, where she did voiceovers for videogames, documentaries, commercials and her favorite — explainers.

“I like to explain because I feel like that’s my skill. I’ve been explaining things for 30 years. ”

Although he was still in charge of CTC Computer Training, it was time for him to give the baton to Marshall.

“Tyler has already done everything. He teaches courses. He updated the manuals. He updates agendas and develops new courseware exercises. And I just managed it so I could start spending time on my new next career.

“Tyler is a trainer. He loves what he does, he’s incredibly intelligent — and even though he knows these programs outside, he doesn’t speak to anyone. He cares. He watches people and the language. of their bodies to determine if they need help. ”

Serving throughout Ontario, CTC Computer Training now teaches online to a wider audience. Book online now.


If you are a company that needs a voice artist to liven up your interpreters or commercials, you can contact Janet through her website.


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