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What to do when your computer asks for your license

Q. Recently, while using my home computer, I was interrupted by a pop-up stating that my license was about to expire. I have never encountered this on any of my computers. Is this a legitimate notice?

A. If there is a notification button that says Go to Settings that will take you to the settings on your PC when you click it, it is legitimate.

There are a number of reasons why this can happen.

If your computer is provided to you by your company and you use it from home without a network connection in your office, you may need to communicate with the company’s licensing servers.

Windows checks it once every 90 days. During the pandemic, many of my users worked from home and this always happens. All they have to do is connect to the VPN or return their computers to their offices and connect to the network and Windows is happy again.

Another possibility is that you have an unlicensed version of Windows installed on your PC. I often see this on computers bundled with small computer shops or when someone repairs their computer and the repair shop also installs Windows. That’s the case, you need to contact them about getting a license key.

If you find yourself with an unlicensed computer and need a key, you can always buy one from Microsoft. They are available at and you can get the key after you pay.

Q. When I edit and then save a file on my Windows computer it will not update the date of the file. I can see the change date when I hover my mouse over the file, but the date column is simple ‘
t update. is there a fix?

A. When viewing files in Windows File Explorer you will see many different column names. This can include the name, size, type and many different types of date.

The most common date is the date the file was created and is usually marked as date.

If you right click on a blank area in the column bar you will see a list of other columns you can add. These include Date, Date Updated and Date Created, among many others.

The date created and the Date have the same data about the files. But if you want to see when a file was last modified, you need to add the Modified to Date column. This will change as the file is edited and saved.

Windows does this so you can customize each folder, but if you want to add this column to all folders, you need to click the Options menu at the top of the File Explorer and then select the View tab and i click Apply to Folders to apply. to change all your folders.

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