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Rape suspect accused of hacking computer and harassing victim during trial

A man accused of raping Azerbaijani public activist Sanay Yaghmur in 2020, when he was 17, has been accused by Yaghmur and his family of waging a harassment campaign during probation.

The case has sparked an outcry in Azerbaijan, as Yaghmur revealed that despite reporting the crime to the police, the region’s prosecutor refuses to open a criminal case. Just after the public outcry the appeal case was reopened and 30-year-old Asgar Aghazadeh (formerly Aghayev) was arrested.

Since the trial began in January, Sanay and his mother, Zumrud Yaghmur, have accused Aghzadeh and his family of repeated harassment.

The trial remains closed to the public and the press.

Yagmur’s lawyer, Zibeyde Zekeriyyeyeva, said OC Media that the suspect apparently admitted to hacking Sanay Yaghmur’s computer at a hearing on 22 June.

He said that despite its illegality, the judge had no reaction to the claim.

In a interviews with a pro-government news site flow on 28 June, Surayya Aghazadeh, the mother of the accused, said she obtained video footage of Yaghmur confirming that he was ‘married’ to a Turkish woman. He did not say how he obtained the video or how it relates to the case.

Yaghmur expressed fear that the court would deprive him of justice.

‘The process is still going on. How the trial will end and for how many years the public prosecutor’s question remains a question ’, he said. OC Media. ‘But we will continue to fight for a fair decision.’

The next hearing is scheduled for July 13.

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