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Fifa confirm computer-generated offside calls will be introduced for World Cup… and set to join Premier League in 2023

FIFA has confirmed that computer -made offside calls will be announced for the World Cup.

And the system, with a ball sensor and cameras that track each player’s movement, is set to be brought to the Premier League for the 2023-2024 season.

FIFA is set to introduce their computer-generated offside system


FIFA is set to introduce their computer-generated offside systemSource: Times Newspapers Ltd
The new system includes cameras that track the movement of each player


The new system includes cameras that track the movement of each playerCredit: FIFA
The 3D animation explains the decision and can be shown to fans at home


The 3D animation explains the decision and can be shown to fans at homeCredit: FIFA

World bosses say tests prove that the time for offside VAR calls will be cut by more than half, from the current average of 70 seconds to 25 seconds.

And with technology that means a 3D animation that explains that the decision can be shown to fans at home and in the stadium within seconds or at the next stop of the game, FIFA believes the supporters, players and coaches all have confidence in the system.

FIFA chief referee Pierluigi Collina said: “It’s not a‘ robot ref ’as some people call it because officials are still making the final decision.

“It’s a semi -automated offside technology – SAOT – and means faster and more accurate decisions, in a matter of millimeters.

“Then animations are created automatically, with body parts that are offside – or onside – clearly displayed on giant screens or on TV when the decision is confirmed by VAR officials.

“Of course decisions about the interference of offside players will still be made by the officials. That will not change.

“But the goal is to have a system like Goal Line Technology, which is praised by everyone and the tests mean we can implement it at the World Cup.”

The system, tested in games at Manchester City and other Prem grounds as well as the Club World Cup won by Chelsea, saw 12 cameras tracking 29 body parts of each player 50 times per second, that the ball sensor records data 10 times faster than that.


This means that eight operators and officials will be on duty at the VAR booth for every game in Qatar.

The prem bosses have already said they will look to bring the system – if the technology is successful – for the 2023-2024 campaign.

But that means England’s opening World Cup game against Iran will only be the second game to use the new system.

Collina added that the AI ​​algorithm can also detect, immediately, when a touch of a defender is playing on the attacker, avoiding some of the more advanced decisions using current technology. .

He said: “We know football is different from other games, where fans don’t really care how long it takes to make decisions.

“It’s important, for psychological reasons, that it happens right away but that’s what we achieved.”

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