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Tennessee suspends unemployment benefits to at least 12,000 due to computer network breakdown

Tennessee has suspended payment of unemployment benefits to at least 12,000 unemployed workers due to the disruption of the vendor’s computer network that handles data processing for the state’s unemployment benefit program.

The Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development announced Tuesday night that it will not be able to access data on unemployment claims to pay weekly unemployment benefits until Geographic Solutions returns network service. for the state’s unemployment system and employment data exchange, known as

Network service from Geographic Solutions was disrupted Sunday, preventing Tennessee labor department employees from evaluating job applications, claiming unemployment and other information to process benefits that were not available. ‘y work paid for by unemployed people looking for other jobs. The network closure, which also prevented job seekers from finding jobs throughout Tennessee, has disrupted service in Tennessee and about three dozen other states, officials said.

“GSI is working 24 hours a day to bring online,” Chris Cannon, chief communications officer at the Department of Labor and Workforce Development, said in a statement Tuesday night. “Until continues to operate normally, the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development will not be able to access claimant data to make weekly unemployment benefit payments.”

In Nebraska, which also uses GSI to manage unemployment claims data, officials blamed the disruption of service in a cyberattack.

“Geographic Solutions has experienced a cyberattack that requires our state labor exchange and unemployment claim system to be available offline,” the company wrote to the Nebraska Department of Labor.

GSI, headquartered in Palm Harbor, Florida, said its team “is working around the clock to restore these systems to all users as quickly as possible.”

In Tennessee, Cannon said labor department leaders met throughout Monday and Tuesday with representatives of GSI and the U.S. Department of Labor to figure out ways to restore service.

While without the website, job seekers can still take advantage of the services of one of 80 American Job Centers across the state, Cannon said.

“The department will distribute the benefits as soon as possible. Currently there is no timeline of when that will happen,” Cannon said in a statement. “Once the system is up and running, claimants can complete their certifications for any lost weeks, and they will receive a lump sum for any delayed payments.”

Individuals who have been laid off or lost their jobs and have tried to file a new unemployment claim should wait for further instructions on how to apply if the system is available. na.

Cannon said such instructions are available on the department’s website at

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