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HP’s July 4th Sale: Up to 70% Off Laptops, Desktops, and Computer Accessories

When it comes to holiday sales, the 40% discount is a strong offer. Great 50% discount. Savings up to 70% off? That’s brainless territory, and that’s where we’re with this year’s Independence Day 4th of July sale from HP(Opens in new window).

HP offers discounts on many products including new laptops, desktops, printers, monitors, and many accessories. This sale doesn’t stop at discounted prices, though — HP Reward points are still included with your purchase, some discounts are even higher depending on what you buy, and all ships free.

Depending on the size and content of your purchase, there are four coupon codes currently available (some exclusions apply):

  • 5JULY4HP – 5% discount on orders over $ 599 (valid until July 12)

  • 10JULY4HP – 10% discount on orders over $ 1,099 (valid until July 12)

  • Additional 5% discount on select HP gaming products $ 999+ with code 5GAMER2022

  • Additional 10% discount on select HP gaming products $ 1,399+ with code 10GAMER2022

These promo codes can be used on already discounted products to add additional savings to some great computing options. Most of today’s sale prices on usable desktops now have savings of $ 150- $ 200 while many laptops are discounted by $ 300 or more — and some sales can save you more than $ 600 on your purchase.

The Best HP July 4 Computer Deals

One of our favorite items on sale right now is the HP Specter x360 Convertible laptop(Opens in new window) with 16MB of RAM and a 512GB SSD, a 16-inch screen with 3K resolution and a 4-core i7 processor. The regular $ 1,639 price starts with a $ 500 discount, dropping it to $ 1,099. Add the 10% promo code and you’re looking at $ 989 when it’s already in your cart.

These sale promo codes also make the sale pricing of gaming laptops more accessible in the coming days. This HP Victus machine(Opens in new window) comes with an AMD Ryzen 7 processor and graphics via an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 Ti GPU (which looks great on a 16.1-inch HD screen with a 144Hz refresh rate), plus 16GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD. All of this adds up to a good gaming laptop at its retail price of $ 1,249, but tack on 5JULY4HP promo code on the sale price, and you can get it right out the door for over $ 900.

If you’re looking for more screen space at a much cheaper price, we also love the HP Laptop with a 17.3-inch wide screen, an i7 processor powered by 16GB of RAM, and a setup of dual-storage boasting a 1TB HDD plus. a 256GB SSD. All of this for the regular price of $ 879 is a bit odd, but stacking the promo code at the sale price can get you a really impressive $ 665.

Recommended by Our Editors

Even if your computing needs are being managed right now, it’s worth checking out this sale to check out available HP monitors — if you’re thinking of adding a second. and third display on your workstation or home office, HP has a variety of multi-monitor bundles on sale that can give you two full-HD screens for $ 135 per panel.(Opens in new window). Just need a new display? We love the 27-inch FHD micro-edge screen with VGA and HDMI ports for just $ 129.(Opens in new window).

Similarly, this is a good time to pick up some accessories as well. For those of us who spend a lot of time on Zoom calls, you can look better than anyone in the room (resolution wise, though) on this 4K webcam(Opens in new window) at a 50% discount. It’s hard to find one below a triple-digit price point but it clocks in at just $ 89.

Wireless mice, keyboards, headsets, USB microphones, and software were all also sold during the holiday promotion, most of which will receive an additional 5% discount if you add them to the purchase that includes the new PC. (As you need another reason to click “add to cart.”) Don’t forget to sign up for HP Rewards Points, as many products on sale will include 3% of your purchase price applied through the points of your next purchase. Barbecues and long weekends are good, but the savings on top of the savings make for some real financial fireworks.

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