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Which white computer monitor is best?

When it comes to computer equipment, monitors are often overlooked. However, if you spend a lot of time looking at the computer screen, upgrading to a new monitor may be in your utmost interest.

White computer monitors are not as common as black or gray, but they do have a more sophisticated look. Like the Samsung SH850 24-inch WQHD Computer Monitor, the best monitors display excellent visuals and have a slim design.

What to know before you buy a white computer monitor

Screen size

Screen size is something to be desired, but you need to think about how you spend most of your time on the computer and the space you need to work. A 20- to 27-inch computer monitor is enough if you have a small desk. If you are a gamer or watching movies and TV on your computer, a larger display is better. You can choose any 27-34 inches wide if you have enough space.

Ultrawide vs. curved monitors

Curved monitors aren’t suitable for the crowd watching TV, but they’re great for someone using a computer. They offer an immersive viewing experience and are not as eye-catching as other monitors.

Ultrawide monitors are more common and ideal for gaming, thanks to their ability to display a wide 21: 9 aspect ratio. They are also great for improving office work productivity, as the large screen allows users to view multiple apps and windows simultaneously, allowing for more efficient multitasking.

Panel type

There are three types of computer monitor panel: in-plane switching, vertical alignment and twisted nematic.

  • IPS The displays offer the best photo quality and crisp visuals but not the fastest response time.
  • VA The displays are popular with gamers because they offer fast response times and adequate image quality.
  • TN The performances don’t look as sharp on VA or IPS monitors, but they do offer the fastest response times, great for serious players.

What to look for in a quality white computer monitor

High dynamic range

HDR is a feature supported by many TVs and smartphones and adjusts the contrast level, and color ranges to show a clearer picture. This enhances the image quality and allows viewers to see bright images as they are not affected by the dark environment. The same applies to color reproduction, where you can experience a wider range. If HDR is enabled, the image quality will appear more colorful and sharp.


Adjusting the height is an important part to watch out for, as computer monitors without it offer limitations in the way you can set it up. Adjusting the height of your monitor also allows users to position it ergonomically to reduce strain on the neck and upper back. Most extreme monitors allow you to pivot, tilt and swivel it as you wish.


The more horizontal pixel lines that are displayed on the monitor, the better the image quality. If you’re working on a budget, you can use a standard high-definition monitor with 720p resolution. However, if you want a monitor with more color and sharper images, you’ll want a 1080p full HD display. High-end monitors with quad HD and ultra HD displays provide exceptional clarity and vivid colors.

How much can you expect to cost a white computer monitor

The larger the screen size of the monitor and the more features it has, the more expensive it is. For a small-to-medium-sized full HD monitor, you can expect to pay $ 150- $ 250, but larger ones with quad or ultra HD resolutions can cost as much as $ 600.

White computer monitor FAQ

Is the white monitor different in any way from the black monitor?

A. In terms of functionality, no. However, some users have found white monitors to be more aesthetically pleasing.

What does refresh rate and response time mean?

A. Response time refers to how quickly a pixel can change its color, while refresh rate refers to how often an image refreshes. The faster the response time and the refresh rate, the smoother the image will appear.

What is the best white computer to buy?

Top white computer monitor

Samsung SH850 24-inch WQHD Computer Monitor

Samsung SH850 24-inch WQHD Computer Monitor

What you need to know: This monitor delivers stunning visuals and boasts a sophisticated design.

What will you love: This monitor offers UCB-C and Display Port Daisy Chain connectivity and has an ultraslim design. It offers a pixel density of 1.7 times that of a full HD screen for displaying sharp images and deep colors. It can swivel, tilt, adjust height and pivot for an optimistic ergonomic setup.

What you should consider: It has black cords. Some customers report that the text is not as fresh as it should be.

Where to buy: Sold on Amazon

Top white computer gaming monitor for money

Asus VZ239H-W 23-inch Full HD Eye Care Monitor

Asus VZ239H-W 23-inch Full HD Eye Care Monitor

What you need to know: This monitor looks great and is great for those who want to reduce eye strain.

What will you love: This monitor has a 178-degree viewing angle, a frameless design and an ultraslim profile with a thickness of only 0.27 inches. Asus Eye Care technology reduces glare and filters out blue light to reduce eye strain.

What you should consider: Some users report heavy backlight bleeding. Some have found that the preset photo modes are moderate.

Where to buy: Sold on Amazon

Worth checking out

LG 32UL500-W 31.5-inch Ultra HD VA Display

LG 32UL500-W 31.5-inch Ultra HD VA Display

What you need to know: This monitor is great if you want a fresh ultra HD large screen for office work or gaming.

What will you love: This monitor delivers vibrant colors, produces high quality images and supports HDR content streaming. It is compatible with AMD FreeSync technology for in-game fluid actions and Dynamic Action Sync for input lag reduction.

What you should consider: It lacks a dedicated button for switching between inputs, and the built-in speakers provide the best audio quality.

Where to buy: Sold on Amazon

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