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A computer glitch could delay unemployment payments in multiple states

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Unemployment benefits could be delayed for more than 10,000 Tennesseans this week because of a computer glitch.

On Sunday, the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce’s (TDLWD) online vendor, Geographic Solutions, informed them they had an equipment problem at their network operations center.

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The glitch knocked the Tennessee unemployment website ( offline, along with three dozen other states.

According to TDLWD Communications Director Chris Cannon, nearly 12,000 Tennesseans use the website each week to register and file unemployment claims.

“It’s never happened in Tennessee before,” Cannon said. “We’re at the vendor’s mercy now and they told us they worked it out 24 hours a day to get the system back on.”

SOURCE: TN Dept of Labor

Cannon said people can prove unemployed every week between Sunday and Saturday. If the website is up and running again on Saturday then there really aren’t many problems.

“The system came out on Sunday, no one has been certified for this week so far. That could change, hopefully that will change, soon. If we can re-enable the system on Saturday , they can still be certified for this week on Saturday and lose their pay, maybe starting next week, ”Cannon said.

But if Geographic Solutions doesn’t fix the system this week, Cannon said, unfortunately, Tennessee doesn’t have a backup plan.

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“Tennessee’s unemployment system is completely online. That’s how it has been for many years and that’s how things are now. It’s great how easy it is to flip a switch and a backup plan can come up. and we can make paper claims. But we can’t accept paper claims because there is no data anywhere. The data is in the computer system. So we are really at the mercy of the vendor now, ” by Cannon.

If payment is delayed, Cannon said people will still receive a lump sum of money at a later date.

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