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Pangea combines AI analytics, computer vision for border control, workplace safety solutions

Pangea integrates AI analytics, computer vision for border control, workplace safety solutions

Pangea has announced the launch of a pair of AI solutions, one for damage prevention in the construction industry with a computer vision, and the other for background checks prior to arrival. using artificial intelligence on people crossing international borders.

The new Border Control system analyzes more than 3,000 open-source data pools to provide highly accurate decisions within a second, according to the announcement. Potential threats were not ruled out, but were pointed out by border agents for investigation. Computer vision can also contribute to the solution, with analysis of behavior and body language.

Pangea unveiled the new AI passenger vetting system at Identity Week in London on June 28 and 29.

CEO Rafi Kaminer says the solution will help organizations overcome data siloes, collecting insights from different pools of data rather than collecting them in a database.

Reduce workplace injuries using computer vision

While at a professional conference in Israel, Pangea launched a solution jointly developed by the Tidhar Group that combines sophisticated sensors, AI analytics and computer vision to send automatic alerts in real time when there is a hazardous cargo found or a scaffolding worker not tied to. a life line.

These, according to the announcement, were the two main causes of worker falling from construction scaffolding.

“Construction site accidents are not a fact of life and most of them can be prevented using advanced technologies,” said Pangea Enterprise Division VP of Business Development Oded Somberg. “We recognize the strong interest of construction companies for reliable and affordable solutions to work accidents. We offer them a unique solution based on advanced technology. This solution equips the first product we have. launched, which helps construction companies improve site safety through an advanced access control solution based on face recognition.Pangea has set its own goal of creating additional modules and tools for construction companies to deal with life -threatening problems at their sites.

Pangea also recently won a contract to supply technology to Jamaica to support its new multimodal biometric voter registry.

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