UConn’s New Program Helps Non-Computer Scientists Break Into the Computer Science Industry

(Photo courtesy of Pixels)

By: Eli Freund, Director of Communications, UConn School of Engineering

The University of Connecticut School of Engineering Professional Education Program and the Department of Computer Science and Engineering have announced the launch of a new program called CyberLEAP — a new way for non-computer scientists to enter Computer Science industry. With computer science and data science jobs rapidly growing in a hot job market, CyberLEAP offers working professionals the opportunity to gain more sought -after skills in these demanding fields. natad. According to recent data, holders of advanced degrees in those fields earn a median salary of more than $ 100,000 per year.

CyberLEAP is an online, non-credit program that consists of three Computer Science modules including Data Structures and Algorithms, Discrete Mathematics, and Introduction to Systems Programming. Each module is 14 weeks in length and is designed to meet the core requirements of Computer Science in MEng in CSE and MEng in Data Science. Full admission requirements for MEng programs can be found on the following websites – MEng in CSE and MEng in Data Science. CyberLEAP modules can also be taken independently for career advancement and knowledge acquisition. Students can only complete modules without prior formal coursework – there is no need to complete all three modules. The cost of each module is $ 2,000.

The first batch for CyberLEAP is scheduled to begin in mid-August 2022. For more information and to apply for the program, please visit the CyberLEAP website, https://soeprofed.uconn.edu/cyber-leap/.