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IT expert honored by Computer Museum

“I was interested in going into medicine, but after that, my uncle thought it was my calling,” Sikes said. “That’s why I studied computer science at Georgia State and got my first job at IBM where I had a lot of hands-on training and really loved the world of technology.”

That background, combined with Sikes ’current job as a cybersecurity architect, drew him to help the museum with the technology infrastructure. He started by working with outside companies to set up WiFi networks, security systems and surveillance cameras.

As the museum grew, Sikes took the lead in ongoing upgrades. He often spends a few secluded hours a week researching and communicating with other team members and staff, and every now and then, he visits the physical space.

“Most of the work we do is behind the scenes and outside of museum hours, but when I’m in the building while it’s open, I like to talk to visitors,” he said. “But I’m usually in the back where we don’t have visitors.”

Sikes ’dedication to museum systems recently earned him one of the first Ed Fair Volunteer of the Year awards, named in honor of the museum’s first volunteer who died last year.

“It’s a great honor, especially that it’s connected to Ed Fair,” Sikes said. “I’m so proud and happy that we have this museum here in Georgia.”

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